Visiting old and new friends..Friday Fragments

I hope this weekend is long because there is no way I am ready for summer to be over.  I do not want to give up my cute flip- flops and my white comfy pants.

To start the weekend right I am going to participate in Friday Fragments. To find out more visit here:  I hope you will join us.

I do not want to give up granddaughters Avery Paige to first grade or Adriana to preschool. I seriously have issues with the fact that my granddaughter Allyson is going to be a senior in a few days. YIKES!!

Last weekend John and I went to listen to a band.  I became friends with Oliver from ‘Of the Sea’ on facebook.…

A few months back he sent me a song. It was beautiful. It turns out the band is signed with my publishers music division. It is such a small world. There first cd will be released exactly one year from my books release date. Anyway, they were playing on the roof of one of our favorite Harley Davidson stores…yeah on the roof.  It was a lot of fun! Great music, good food, meeting new friends and the weather was beautiful.








My friend Tina and I went to North Carolina two weekends ago to spend some time with our friend Joelle who was undergoing chemo and radiation simultaneously. Her last treatment was on Tuesday. We were all so happy she would get a break from the daily trip into the hospital and she could sleep in. Wednesday morning she woke up with a fever and ended up at the hospital anyway. She has an infection. A serious infection.  She will have a pet scan in a few weeks and I am expecting a miracle. Please continue to pray for her.

Joelle’s 4 year old little boy asked her why she got sick. She did the best to explain to him that it just happens some time. He said to her I have faith that you will get better. Oh my goodness, he is 4! He then came into the kitchen and asked Tina and I if we would help him pray. He said God I know you are going to make my Mom better but in the mean time could you make her feel a little better. Very teary!!

Her daughter will be turning 16 next week. She is an amazing kid as well. She spent her summer caring for her mother. She got her driving experience driving her mother into the city for treatments.

Kyle is doing much better too. I am going to visit with him this week. I think the adults were more traumatized over his back surgery than he was.

I will be visiting another library next week with my book. I am going to talk about road rage and bullying. The library I visited last week invited me back in November. I am going to do a workshop on starting a blog.  Any bits of wisdom you want to share would be appreciated.

Who else’s head is about to explode with all the political stuff on facebook and twitter?  I do not mind excitement and cheering but the lies and deception and bullying…get real people…on both sides.

Let me ask you a question. Would you buy an authors book if you loved her writing but found out you hated her political views? A lot of us authors are being told not to talk politics. I do not think it would affect my decision to buy a book unless the views were very radical.

I am so excited to be doing some author interviews. My last post was with  Paulette Mahurin. Her novel The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap sounds good. You still have time to leave a comment for a chance to win the e-version of the book. The winner will be chosen over the weekend.

On Monday I will be posting an interview with Dina Santorelli, the author of Baby Grand. (Excellent.)  I hope you will stop by.

My book page on facebook got 89 new likes last week. Have you *liked* it yet?

My favorite quote this week is:

Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.
Henry David Thoreau

Have a safe holiday weekend everyone!!


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  • GB:

    I refuse to give into the notion that one cannot wear white during the winter. I wear my white year round and love it! Your quote is wonderful, I will have to look for Thoreau quote for next Wednesday. Enjoy your long weekend.

  • I’m OK with autumn but I have a difficult time with winter – I hate the cold, and when it gets dark early I just want to eat dinner and then go to bed at 7PM! (My son loves his flip flops so much that he wears them with socks in the winter. Oh to be so free-spirited and oblivious to looks from strangers) 🙂

  • I refuse to give up my flip flops until it gets too cold for them… then I just wear them indoors…

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