Post # 250, Friday Fragments and a monster snow storm…really??

It’s Friday and on Fridays I like to join some friends in something we call Friday Fragments. You can find all about this fun filled Friday fest along with finding out about the lovely host Mrs. 4444 over here:

Friday Fragments


I was so nervous about Christmas this year and getting everything done because I had surgery on December 15th. All went well, all the grandkids were very, very happy and well what can I say, I LOVE online shopping and I am thrilled with the deals I got.

We all go to my daughter Joan’s house on Christmas Eve. Her and her husband do an amazing job of hosting our huge crazy bunch. I am sad that it went SO fast.

My 2 hospice clients are hanging in there and I will be working with them on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, just til 7. John and I usually just watch movies, eat and watch the ball drop. I would love to grandkid sit but our kids stay in too. What will you be doing?

We have been hearing all week about this monster snow -storm headed our way. This afternoon I heard the storm has fizzled and we may get an inch. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I have seen a lot of your snow photo’s and they are beautiful.

A snowman with a sneeze

I am starting to get excited about my trip to the Barnes & Noble in North Carolina.  I just love making new friends. I’m also excited that I will be visiting with my friend, Joelle who just found out she is cancer free. What a fight this woman had. Thank you all for praying for and sending her good thoughts. XXXOOO

Some nut was arrested in a town close to us this morning. He wrestled with officers and grabbed a gun. He shot 3 officers and another shot and killed him. Thank God the officers injuries are all non-life threatening. These incidents are just frightening. How do you feel about the gun issues in this country? I cannot help it, I wish all guns could just go away but I am telling you if someone came into my grandkids school or a movie theatre with guns, I want someone to be able to take them out. It does happen. I wish the media would cover those stories and maybe these crazy people would think twice. And speaking of crazy people, shouldn’t we change some arm tying laws there??

My granddaughter Morgan was so excited to participate in niece Patty’s holiday concert. It is a long ride but the girls love it. We do too. Morgan and Peyton-Elizabeth were out like lights 5 minutes into the trip home. Avery fell asleep 5 minutes later.

A long ride

I am also getting excited about my second book, my blog and office makeover and not so much excited but looking forward to having my next and final jaw surgery behind me next month.

Do you have any resolutions or goals? I will be writing my goals out this weekend….

I am looking for a couple of guest posts. If you or anyone you know of has anything to say or promote please e-mail me.

Have a Blessed New Year and God Bless you all xxxooo,


2 Responses to “Post # 250, Friday Fragments and a monster snow storm…really??”

  • The sneezing snowman is cracking me UP!!!

    My sneezes would wake the dead, and Fisherhubby HATES them. He will think I am the sneezing snowman for sure!

  • We’ve been invited to a neighborhood party, but I’m not sure we’re going; we might just stay home.

    My sister is becoming trained to be a hospice caregiver. To me, that’s an incredibly selfless role. I’m sure you’re making a big difference. Thanks.

    I support private gun ownership but don’t see the need for automatic/semiautomatic weapons in the hands of the everyday man. I think we also need to do something about the marginalized in our society–how we treat them (or ignore them, as it were).

    Kind of a quiet weekend….Thanks for linking up! 🙂 Happy New Year!

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