Al Pacino, Chip Kelly, Penn State and so many more fragments..

Barnes & Noble -Book Signing and Discussion -New Hope Commons Durham N.C. Saturday January 26, 2013 1:00p.m.-4p.m.


**What a long week. Going back to my out of the house job after being home sick for 2 weeks was exhausting. I have to get through Friday which will be a lot easier if I think about all the fun I am going to have with my Friday Fragments family.  If you have not yet been brave enough to participate in a blog hop this would be a great place to start. Mrs. 4444 is a lovely host.

Friday Fragments


**I am proud of myself. Last weekend I visited and commented on every blog linked up for Friday Fragments, before midnight on Sunday!  I am going for a repeat

**Now if I could get to all of the insecure writers…what a list this one is. I’m glad it is only once a month!! If you are a writer or an aspiring writer this is another great group to hop around with. The link is on my sidebar. Hundreds participate.

**What a crazy news week in Philly. We have a new head couch for our Eagles. Chip Kelly looks an awful lot like a younger version of our old head coach Andy Reid. I hope he does well. Are any of you familiar with him?

Chip Kelly

**A woman dropped her 5 -year -old daughter off at school the other morning at 8:20 am. At 8:30 am a woman walked into the classroom dressed in a full Berka which covered her face, said she was the child’s mother and took her out of the school. When the daycare bus came to pick the child up after school and she was not there they called the mother. FINALLY at 8:30 pm an amber alert was issued. At 4:30 in the morning, a freezing cold and sleeting morning, a man was walking to catch his bus to work. He heard wimpering from a nearby playground. He found the little one Naked except for a t’shirt and just shivering. She told him she ran away from the people who took her. She has been released from the hospital. This whole scenario is just not sitting well with me…


**They are bringing out some heavy hitters for the movie Happy Valley. Al Pacino is going to play Joe Paterno . Brian DePalma is directing. It is the true story of the sex scandal that rocked our beloved Penn State and continues to shock us. It is an awful story but one I feel strongly has to be told.


**We had our monthly Press Club luncheon on Wednesday afternoon. Celebrity Boxings Damon Feldman was there. I didn’t get a chance to meet him because I was busy the entire time trying to catch up with some friends. I hope he comes back next month.

The Celebrity Boxing Federation is owned by Damon Feldman. Damon has promoted over 55 Celebrity Fights including celebrities such as his friend, the late Rodney King, Tanya Harding, Jose Canseco, Willie Aames, Michelle Mcgee, Octomom, Danny Bonaduce, Michael Lohan, and many other celebrities.

“In a spectacular move, Billionaire Media Mogul Alki David has offered Chris Brown and Aubrey Drake Brown (“Drake) the most phenomenal purse in celebrity boxing history. Alki made the announcement with celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman.”

**Speaking of boxing, I met the owner of a gallery a few towns over and she told me she is having an exhibit of ‘boxing gloves’ paintings. I find this fascinating, am I crazy?


                         Our own Celebrity Boxing Champ, Michael

**I am leaving Wednesday for Durham, North Carolina. I have a book signing at the Barnes & Noble at New Hope Commons. I am getting excited about meeting some people from facebook. That never gets old I am also going to spend some time with my friend Joelle who is  fighting  cancer.  She lives about an hour from the B & N. I am going to visit with her and her kids for the weekend. My good friend Tina is going with me. Please keep Joelle and her family in your prayers.

**This really troubles

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Jeesh, mug shots, really??

**Thank you to all of you who popped over to **like** my book page.

**Look how cute Lance and Louie are all snuggled up for bed…

Lance and Louie sleeping

** If you requested a book, they went in the mail on Monday and thank you!!

Have a fabulous weekend…



14 Responses to “Al Pacino, Chip Kelly, Penn State and so many more fragments..”

  • No doubt Al Pacino is great in every movie he’s in, but it’s disturbing to a Baby Boomer like me to see him looking so long in the tooth. The day he starts appearing in a commercial for reverse mortgages is the day I’m packing it in!

  • You are going to be in my neck of the woods. I seriously doubt with basketball and such, I will make it, because it’s still a little drive, but it’s in my phone calendar… and now I confess that I got so excited by the bok signing I didn’t read the rest because I was racing down to comment! 🙂 For give me?

  • Thanks for visiting me! I am not sure I will make all the links but that is a great goal! I always love meeting new blogging friends!

    That story about the little girl was awful!!! I can’t imagine how that happened.

  • What on earth are boxing glove paintings? Paintings of boxing gloves? Paintings on boxing gloves. Paintings done while wearing boxing gloves? Actually, that last one might be quite amusing…

    Enjoy the book signing!

  • Andrea:

    Visiting all the links? That’s a good goal. I try to get to as many as I can but I think 15 has been max. Now I think next week I might try to get them all 🙂

    Yay for a book signing! I hope you have a good time meeting fans. I think for any writer it must be somewhat surreal. It would be for me anyway.

    I didn’t know they’d found a replacement for Reid. We consider Philly home so let’s hope my husbands love and hate Eagles might finally start winning!

  • Kay:

    I am so glad you are feeling better. Being sick just stinks. I almost never make it all the way around the blog hop, but golly I do try. Maybe this weekend I will 🙂

    That is horrible about the little girl, but I am so glad she escaped!! What a nightmare she may have lived…

  • Very disturbing story about the little girl. I’m off to read about it.

  • I can’t comment on the coach because I know nothing about football……..that’s horrible about the little girl! I just don’t understand why anyone would want to take or hurt a child.

    Can’t wait to read the book and have a great time at your book signing!

  • Bee:

    All I know about Chip Kelly is that he coached Oregon, who has been pretty good the past couple of seasons. Still, I think they have the most hideous uniforms ever, and they get uglier and uglier each game! lol

    Al Pacino is a really good choice to play Joe Pa.

  • I don’t know PERSONALLY about Chip Kelly – – – but he sure did have winning teams at Oregon.

    I also know that a lot of the “pundits” think you guys got a great deal.

    Al Pacino as Joe Pa? Who’d’a thunk!?

  • I’m so confused by what happened to that little girl. If this person was not known to her, then wouldn’t she have struggled while leaving the school? You would think someone would have noticed that and intervened. Sounds like they tried to earlier, but didn’t stick to their guns. I would think you would know if her mom wears a Berka or not. And why wasn’t an Amber alert put out the minute she didn’t show up in the afternoon? None of this makes sense to me. I used to be an elementary school aide. No way would some person have walked out of the school with a kid if I knew they weren’t their parent. I would have checked to make sure there was a note and the office staff would also have known if this person was supposed to leave with the child. I would think you would know most of the parents, but they may not. Our office staff would. Yes, the school had nearly 600 kids in it. The staff was that good. Where I worked, they lock the doors after the kids come in from the playground so adults can’t just walk into the building. Also adults have to sign in and out. These rules work pretty good. Our principal once stood up to a grandparent who claimed they could take the kids. She searched the paperwork and found that this person had a restraining order against them. Kids stayed in school. It’s very simple. I’m glad that man took the time to find her. How awful for that poor girl.

  • Mary:

    Al Pacino as JoePa? I can see it.
    I heard the story about the little girl. Heartbreaking, but thank God for that man who found her.
    Have a good weekend!

  • Alex:

    I read, I don’t usually comment, but Al Pacino and Chip Kelly drew me in. I don’t think Kelly is going to be the answer for the Eagles, but you never know. Anything Al Pacino does is sure to be a darn good movie, so I’ll be buying a ticket. It sure seems that a lot of the big schools have been having all kinds of problems. Penn State is obviously at the top of the list, but what’s up with Notredame now? and Lance? What’s happening to athletes fro crying out loud?

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