the Grammys, Beyonce, a Blizzard and a Beach it must be Friday Fragment Time…

Its Fraggle Rock no, no, it’s Friday Fragment time.

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Friday Fragments

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So the weather hype is finally here, in Philadelphia. It will be pretty much a blizzard for everyone in the northeast..but us. We are just inches south of that invisible snow/rain line. We may get 3-6 inches, which is a start. I was asked to work tomorrow because we have a hospice patient who lives up the street from me and it should be fairly easy for me to get to her, you know in case the forecasters are wrong and we do get the blizzard here.

For now it is raining/drizzling and the dogs have very muddy, stinky paws.

Last weekend John and I took three of our granddaughters to the beach. There was snow on the ground but Saturday was a beautiful day. It is a nice memory, one I will fall back on until summer gets here.

ocean meets the bay Morgan Peyton Avery Boardwalk

My sweet friend Joelle was diagnosed with an awful, aggressive cancer a few months ago. The kind they have no pretty ribbons for.  She went through continuous chemo and radiation and was cancer free. A few weeks ago, she was tested and the cancer is back with a vengeance. My heart hurts. She is having a radical life changing and life saving surgery on Monday. I really need your help in praying and sending healing thoughts on Monday at 11:00 (the surgery will be 6 hours long) because if it has spread to other organs they will not continue with the surgery. Her husband is able to be home from Afghanistan until the 19th and our friend Tina stayed when we went to visit two weeks ago. I cannot wait to get back down there to help. I am trying to think of something I can do from here. Any ideas?

On a happier note today is my fathers birthday and one year since he has been declared in remission from lung cancer. I have no doubt miracles happen.

Book signing 4

Did you watch the superbowl? It was a strange one. What did you think of Beyonce’s performance? I am torn between wanting to say mean stuff about her inappropriate attire and suggestive moves, wandering what the heck was she thinking, Jeeze why did she lip-sinc again and wow the woman can dance. Oh well..

Did you here about the memo to Grammy performers? I can hardly wait to watch now to see who shows puffy skin lol..

I did a guest review on Dom Giordano’s blog. I would be so grateful if you would pop over there and let me know what you think. For nearly 20 years, Dom Giordano has been one of the country’s most popular and respected talk show hosts. I have been a fan since 9/11 which makes this opportunity so special. I hope you will stop over and leave a comment. I am trying to make a good impression:)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone and stay safe, especially if you are in the path of the storm, any storm.



10 Responses to “the Grammys, Beyonce, a Blizzard and a Beach it must be Friday Fragment Time…”

  • My thoughts are with your friend Joelle.

  • I’m not sure if you meant to link up this older FF post, but thanks for the breadcrumbs 🙂

    Sorry about your friend; that’s heartbreaking. My cousin is slowly losing her battle to cancer. Her sisters organized a greeting card drive for her; you might consider that.

    As much as I look forward to spring, I do not look forward to two muddy dogs.

    Thanks for linking up, Doreen! Have a great rest-of-your weekend.

  • I only saw a few minutes of that awful performance and that was enough !

    I’m so sorry about your friend…….but happy about your dad. My FIL died of lung cancer and I helped nurse him. He had a lot of good days and we’re thankful to have had them.

  • I still wish we had gotten a little snow in these parts, even if only for a day. But I love your pictures, which let me remember what fun it can be. I know, I know, not if there’s a foot or more of it!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Kay:

    I didn’t watch the performance but that girl can absolutely dance, however it is pretty suggestive.

    Yay for your dad, but my heart hurts for Joelle. If there is any way you could contact a friend near her, what I have done from far away is either send resteraunt gift cards or just plain ordered pizza and paid for it to be delivered. It is so hard to be so far away!! I will continue to pray for her.

    What is the fluffy skin memo? I missed that.

  • I love the beach pictures with the girls. There is hope for spring/summer.

  • Oh wow, I love the snow on the beach pictures! I had similar thoughts while watching Beyonce’s performance 🙂 So sorry to hear the news about your friend, I’ll add her in my prayers.

  • Rebecca, Hubby and I are ALL FOR the marching band idea at half time of the Super bowl.

    I was HORRIFIED by the Beyonce show. It was NOT family friendly.

  • Gak! When I watched the Superbowl with my daughter sitting next to me I was torn between letting her watch the hip gyrating movements and the scantly clad singer or turning the channel to something that is actually family friendly. Maybe it’s just me but wouldn’t it be better to let high school or college marching bands perform during half time? I was disgusted by the performance and let down because in the past it seemed the performances were more of a collaboration with several different singers/bands from various generations.

    I wonder if you could google delivery places nearby your friend and once a week or month or however often as you like, have someone deliver food to her. You could just have them bill your credit card to include a tip for the driver. Or if it’s in your finances you could arrange for someone to clean her house once a week…again billing your credit card by phone or online payment. But honestly, just calling her daily/weekly (hourly if needed) and letting her tell you of her struggles and just listening without passing judgement or saying anything that would be considered inspirational…..just listen. Or talk about the good old days and remissness about things that you both love.

    Congratulations for your father continued good health.

    And the kids in the snow on the beach……priceless.

    Hopefully you guys won’t have to dig out of all of that mess. They’ve been talking about it on the news here and it makes me thankful I don’t live in that area.

  • Jai:

    Sending good vibes to your friend and big hugs to you.

    As far as something you can do think of something that would brighten your day and I’m sure it will do the same for your friend. A cheerful note sent snail-mail, no one expects that any more and would be a pleasant tangible surprise. Staying in touch and being upbeat. Just being available if she needs to talk.

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