Sequester Shame, Secrets and Sixx King…

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Frazzled Friday Fragments

Welcome to my weekly edition of listing some of the thoughts that have been on my mind this week.  If you have a few pesky thoughts you would like to unload please join us. We would love to have you.

Friday Fragments



What do you think of the CEO of Barnes & Noble wanting to buy the 700+ book- stores,  take them private and separate from the digital side of the business [nook.] It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. Looks like those rumors from last year were true after all.

Yahoo has recalled all of their employees that work from home. They claim productivity is down. So much for that experiment.

Have you heard that some lawmakers in Iceland are proposing a ban on internet porn? Wow…

I saw an interview on a local Philly tv show (Dom Giordano’s Show) the other day of a man, Sixx King. I cannot stop thinking about what Sixx had to say. He dressed in a Klan outfit and held a sign that said 3400 Black people were killed by the Klan over a number of years. Today, Black people kill 3400 other black people every six months. He did this in downtown Philadelphia. He is planning on doing the same in Chicago.  It is to make “a stance that the number of African-Americans killed has surpassed the number of victims in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and African-Americans have killed more of their own people than the KKK.”

Sixx King Klan

Sixx King’s documentary Mothers of no Tomorrow examines the truly incomprehensible challenges faced by people who have lost loved ones to violent crime.

Sixx King

 I cannot get these numbers out of my head. This is insane and heartbreaking. I hope this message resonates.

How about this crazy sequester monster? How about Arny Duncan our Secretary of Education being paraded n the Sunday ‘news’ shows last week and saying 10’s of thousands of teachers were going to receive pink slips this weekend it was a big fat lie. Now senior advisor Gene Sperling has been accused of threatening Bob Woodward, a renowned journalist. Just Wow…

It seems there are several fragmenters with BIG secrets. I would be one of them. Check my facebook page next week. This is were I will share the news first…

I wonder if we will have a new Pope by next Friday?

Do you yourself or do you know someone that has a Victory? Please check out and share this contest..

On Wednesday we are headed to the Beach. Daytona Beach. I am hoping to finish revisions on book 2 and spend lots of time on the back of my husbands Harley!

Have a Blessed Weekend,




7 Responses to “Sequester Shame, Secrets and Sixx King…”

  • Interesting about the BN CEO. I did hear that about Yahoo. Guess they got a new woman running it now that doesn’t mess around.

  • I enjoyed this eclectic Fragments. From books and bookstore giants to an online giant…to KKK. Interesting.

  • Sometimes it seems like we are all losing our minds.

  • I’m grateful that I’ve never lived anywhere that the KKK were.
    I fixed your link, btw.
    I read one of the previous Victorious Women entries–Great stories over there!
    Yeah, it seems like Yahoo is throwing the baby out with the bathwater; that’s a drag for the people who aren’t taking advantage.

  • Yahoo is taking the wrong approach. Focus on the problem people taking advantage of the work from home, not a blanket policy change.

    sequester monster – politics they look bad on both sides. This problem is not a quick here it is but a slow deterioration that doesn’t have an easy fix. Both sides need to stop playing tit-for-tat.

    Sixx King – Looks like an odd approach to urban violence but maybe it will help.

  • We lived in the south for 12 years and frequently we saw real clansmen in their sheets and hoods standing in the main intersection of main street collecting money from passersby.

    Then once after moving up to Indiana we saw it again there in the early 90’s.

    It always gave me cold chills.

  • I hadn’t heard about the Barnes & Noble thing – things that make you go “Hmmmmm!”

    Those numbers definitely are insane and heartbreaking!

    Ooooh! Have fun in Daytona! I’ve been there once in my life – I’d love to go back some day! 🙂

    Granny Princess Nagger, 5-dollar Pancakes and Apple Pie Apples – it’s a Friday Fragment Free For All of Fun!

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