Its finally time for the A to Z Challenge…


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 Today is the first day of the 2013 A-to-Z  Challenge. I will be posting each day of April, except Sundays. Each post will be inspired by the days correlating alphabet letter. I chose ‘Pop Culture or something like it’ as my theme this year. Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting on my posts and good luck to my fellow A-to-Z’ers…

For my A word I chose –APPS- because I really had NO idea what they actually were…

DefinitionApplication software: computer software designed to help the user perform a certain task such as accounting, reading a newspaper, purchasing tickets, playing games etc.  Nicknamed APPS, this software has more recently come to mean software written for mobile devices [phones, iPads etc.] App was the 2010 word of the year.

Most mobile operating systems have there own app stores. The Apple App Store was the first distribution service for apps. They have reported more than 30 billion downloads since July of 2008 and have 650,000 different apps available, some free and some for a fee.App Store Photo

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The next Big Thing in apps—

Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and Harvard Medical School are working on a game that could help the blind navigate a public building or to become familiar with a new home.

The players, tasked with finding jewels while avoiding roaming monsters that are trying to steal the jewels and hide them. This game, over time helps its users create a mental map of the area.

I find this all so fascinating and the possibilities are endless. Yes, I do believe in time there will be an App for everything.

To help my grandchildren learn to develop the next big app so I can retire in luxury I am going to make sure they take this free course on ‘How to create Apps’

What are your favorite Apps?

19 Responses to “Its finally time for the A to Z Challenge…”

  • Apps are wonderful and dangerous at the same time! I have so many on my kindle, at least 60% of them are for my three year old daughter. Then my husband steals it to play a game, all while I want to read my books on it! We have a friend making a list of app ideas, hoping he finds one to make that gets popular =) Great start to the challenge!

  • I love this idea! And I love apps. My husband makes fun of me all the time for the apps that I’m constantly downloading onto my Kindle, but they help so much!

  • Yep, I love apps! They are really handy in home schooling as well! Great start, Doreen!
    A to Z Challenge:

  • Hi Doreen, and thanks for retweeting my A to Z post. Apps is a great topic, especially for someone like me who doesn’t use any mobile devices except my Nook tablet and a cellphone I only turn on when traveling or have a flat tire. Of course, if I learn too much about apps, I might feel compelled to download more stuff to my tablet…but let me know if you ever hear of an app that will take my first draft and turn it into a publishable novel. 😀

  • I want to get an app that tells you what bird is currently singing, and my friend has one where you take a picture of a plant and it tells you what it might be. So cool! Though I am conflicted, everything is so easy, we don’t have to try to find much out any more.
    Great theme, good luck in the Challenge!

    • That sounds like a good! I do agree with you though it is too easy to get information these days. I love technology but like everything in life balance is key.

  • I LOVE technology! It’s amazing how quickly these apps come about, and how truly helpful they can be. I keep telling all my friends to stay on top of technology or you will be left behind. It’s that simple, but it can be so much fun.

  • I wouldn’t count on getting rich. My husband made an app with a couple of his co-workers. I don’t think they sold more than 40 copies. You have to put a lot of money behind the app to get it seen. Of course, once you’re in the top 10 on the iTunes store, you stay there. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. One that is difficult to break into. Like acting, a few people make big bucks, everyone else is waiting tables. Of course the idea would be to keep swinging at it which they are. And they have had people ask them to make an app. The ideas are out there. It’s just having the cash flow to quit your day job, so you can work on those ideas full time.

  • Well, hello! That’s an interesting theme and I may have to come back often! I don’t have any apps, except if you count the odd one or two on my facebook page.

    Have a great time with your A to Z this year.

    Jemima at Jemima’s blog

  • Apps…you can’t help but use them these days! They’re everywhere. 🙂

    Laura Eno – A Shift in Dimensions

  • It does feel like if you could just come up with a useful app you could be the next paperclip millionaire.

    Moody Writing

  • Great to see your first post! Looking forward to the journey through April! Have a lovely Monday Doreen.

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