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I miss receiving old -fashioned snail mail letters. The kind of letters that were hand written in beautiful calligraphy on pretty stationary with matching envelopes and seals.

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The United States Post Office was a business that offered a good salary and great benefits. The employees provided good service in a timely manner. As a business, the well -oiled machine became complacent and had no plans for any kind of innovation when the internet and e-mail appeared.

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At the same time Fed Ex and companies like DHL expanded rapidly.

Postal customers dropped off slowly at first but instead of coming up with a plan to compete the post office raised its prices steadfast in its belief that no one would ever do their banking or pay bills on line.

Now the post office is losing mega millions of dollars each year, which means it is costing tax- payer’s mega millions of dollars a year.

Still refusing to go back to the drawing board the post office plans to stop Saturday delivery. Nobody really seems to care.

What business do you think took the biggest hit because of the internet? What business gained the most?

10 Responses to “Letters”

  • I had several pen pals when I was growing up. I also miss receiving those handwritten, on special stationary letters in the mail.
    You’ve summed it up so well. The post office just can’t seem to keep up. I’ve tried hard to keep giving our local post office my business as I love the service I’ve gotten there, but just can’t afford to mail anything but letters anymore. I was doing giveaways on my blog and even trying to offer to send books that I had read, but the cost is getting to be prohibitive.
    I was involved in a swap and ended up with an international recipient. I put so much time into it and enjoyed it, but it cost me more to mail it then to put the gifts together. I found that I couldn’t participate again.
    It’s sad really…

  • Just stopping by for the A-Z Challenge. Please check us out and sign up to follow if you like what you see. Juliet atCity Muse Country Muse

  • I remember pen pals ; I still have those letters! I wish our kids could Experience that…

  • I support my local post office, and I love the service that I receive there. I never use those other outlets to mail packages unless I have to.

    • I support mine as much as I can stand, Michael. I love the people that work there but the lines are soooo long. There is a mail center a few doors down, the people are not friendly but its less expensive and quick. I tend to go with the post office because friendly trumps money in my book.

  • Jai:

    You have a good point and yet I was terrible at sending snail mail. By the time I’d finally get a letter finished so much had changed I didn’t see a reason to send it.

    One good effect e-mail has had, as I see it. When you get a handwritten note in the mail, it really means a lot.

  • You summed it up well. They didn’t change and adapt, and now they are dying. (And yes, costing up a fortune in the process.) I was stunned the last time I mailed something overseas – the price had increased by 30% in just a couple months!

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