the Dogs..

Welcome to my daily A-to-Z Challenge post.  Today’s letter is D and the word I chose is Dogs.

My theme is Pop Culture and you may be wondering what exactly do- dogs have to do with Pop-Culture.  I hope my post answers that question.

If you were expecting to see my monthly IWSG post, I apologize my dogs ate that post:(


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Pet accessories have become a lucrative business no doubt.  Cats and dogs have their own blogs, rooms, clothing lines, bags and the list goes on and on.

In New Jersey, they are considering a seat belt law for pets or stupid owners however you look at it I suppose.

Dog seatbelt

Post a picture of a cute puppy or kitten on facebook and get hundreds of likes. I posted these photos of my granddaughter planting jellybeans that grew into a lollipop garden and got ‘0’ likes.

Adriana planting jellybeans

Adriana's lollipop garden

TV personalities seem to be using their little dogs as accessories.

When I was a little girl, I had a mutt named Waggles. We opened the door and let him out when he needed to go and let him back in when he was done. He was a very low maintenance kind -of pet.  I loved him so much.

Today, I have Lance and Louie. They are lacy haired terriers.  We got them from my husband’s ex-wife. They are usually adorable but right now, they need to be -groomed pretty badly.

lance and louie

We put in a doggie door so they would be able to come and go as needed into the large fenced in yard. They decided to dig under the fence and get into our neighbors yard. Our neighbors hate them because they bark. To solve that problem we got an electric fence. That worked for a while. I came home from work one night and they were gone. We were so mad at them for leaving us. We said we hoped a crazy dog lady would find them and keep them.  That is until we went to bed or tried to go to bed. We were up the entire night checking our phones our e-mail and facebook.  We cried and paced and worried. The next afternoon the police called and told us they were found safe…by a crazy dog lady. Lance and Louie couldn’t get into the car fast enough when I went to pick them up. We keep the doggie door locked when we are not home now.

I love my dogs so much and want no harm to ever, come to them. That being said I get a strange feeling at times that our culture is shifting and we may be placing more value in animals than we do in humans. Yes, I agree some humans are less than dog doo but what I’m talking about is deeper.

I’m not getting political, at all but I saw a post on a woman’s face book page asking us to sign a petition to close a no kill animal shelter. No problem, I do not believe in killing dogs or cats because they are homeless.

What bothered me was an hour later she posted that she believed and supported late term and partial birth abortion. Now I said this is not political because I hate abortion but I do believe in every human beings right to choose. I just cannot seem to shake this though.

It seems some people cannot even ‘like’ a picture of a baby because it might give the impression they value babies.

That night I dreamt about planet of the apes..crazy right..

Am I being overly sensitive or have you noticed a definite cultural shift when it comes to babies and pets?

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