It is finally HOT in Philadelphia/Friday Fragments…

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Welcome to my #300 Blog Post!  I am SO happy it landed on a Friday. Of course, I want to celebrate so I will pick randomly from the comments (2) and send you a little gift! Thank you to all of my readers and big ((HUGS))) to my Friday Fragments Friends and our lovely host Mrs. 4444 for being SO supportive and consistent.

Okay onto my Friday Fragments (little bits of info that do not quite have enough detail to be a full post…yet.) or (What I have been up to all week, the short version)

*A big branch from my neighbor to the lefts tree fell on my fence and now a big branch from my tree fell into my neighbor to the rights yard. Thank you Hurricane Sandy! I am not complaining because dear Lord many people have lost everything even loved ones.

*Well last weekend we had the heat on and today is our 2nd day well into the 90’s. No spring for us this year we went straight to summer and I love it.

*There was a preliminary hearing today for that crazy guy that pretended to be a cop and said he was going to write me tickets and have me arrested…for double parking.  It was held -over for trial.  Being the victim of a crime is terrifying enough and then having to testify is just horrifying. I am so glad that is over for now.

*This is the finished part of the redecorating of my office project or the place I am putting everything until the rest is finished.

Office Photo

*The first time I saw my book available for sale on Amazon I cried. The first time I saw it on the shelf at Barnes & Noble I cried, a lot. That continued from bookstore to bookstore. I was disappointed when my publishers could not get the book in Walmart and Sams.  I gave up on that hope and out of nowhere the other day I got the call, Bristol boyz Stomp is now available at Walmart and Sears. I cried, a lot. Do I dare dream for Target? You bet I do…

*Granddaughter Adriana turned 4-years-old on Wednesday and graduated from preschool…

Adriana Preschool Picnic (4)

*Granddaughter Peyton will be turning 3-years-old tomorrow. I remember sharing her birth with all of you, oh my…

Peyton Bike riding

*I am so busted because she is only supposed to have that binky when she is going to sleep…

*Are any of you having trouble with ants? How do you get rid of these annoying bugs? I got those little round things, been spraying too which scares me because of the kids and dogs even though it says it is safe. They are everywhere and they bite.

*I would love to know what you think of this post I wrote about a recent visit to the VA hospital in Philadelphia.

I read this on twitter today and loved it: Forgiveness is like swallowing when you want to spit.

Have a blessed weekend,




6 Responses to “It is finally HOT in Philadelphia/Friday Fragments…”

  • Congrats on your 300th post. 😀

    And on your book being so widely available now. Sounds like you’re having a blessed life at the moment.

  • Nita:

    Congrats all around! Sounds like it was a great week, trees aside.

  • Congrats on your 300th post. It’s a milestone to be proud of to be sure. Ants? Ewwww, we have ’em here in Texas and they’re nasty boogers. Fire ants. And they attack and don’t stop biting.

    And not to forget….a blessed happy birthday to Peyton. I love that name.

  • Congratulations on Walmart and Sears! Congratulations on the entire journey. SO proud of you.

  • Dawn:

    I clean houses and see a lot of people putting those little round disks out to trap ants too. Not sure what you can do to prevent them from getting in. Have a fabulous weekend!

  • Great pictures throughout … very cute. And that’s kind of how I organize my office, too. Wow, post #300, that’s an accomplishment in the blogging world … I think. Congratulations!

    (Visiting from A-Z Roadtrip, and glad to be here).
    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

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