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**Our big family getaway is one week away and I have so much to do and write but suddenly my brain has turned to mush and I cannot focus.

**My friend Joelle, the one who has been battling{and winning} cancer is coming to Philly for a visit. Her Birthday is tomorrow and we are all getting together just like old times to celebrate with her. I wish her husband could be with us but he is in Afghanistan.

**Three days after we get back from the beach I will have the third surgery and fingers crossed the last to alleviate jaw, dental and TMJ pain. I cannot wait to have all the work done and over with. It has been a long year!

**We have two more birthdays this week. Grandson Dominic turned eleven and his cousin Jimmy will be ten on Sunday. Monday is our sixth and second wedding anniversary. (post coming on that one.) Next week we will have three birthdays, a high school graduation and a graduation party. June is hands down our party month!

Dom and Jimmy B

Dominic and Jimmy at the beach last year. I was scared to ask them what that group of shells was and um yes it was a graveyard. Oh my.

**We still have ants. Why won’t they go away? I have tried every recommendation given to me. The bugs are just ridiculous already. Our neighbors have a water problem and already the mosquito’s are torture.

**Have you ever had a dispute with a neighbor? How did you handle the problem? Their teenage son threw our dog and now we have been dealing with their water issues for over a year. It is so frustrating when you want so badly to be nice and understanding and it doesn’t work.

** I may have set up a celebrity boxing match between Dean McDermott (Tori Spelling) and a twitter trash talker Tony Abbracco. Damon Feldman (celebrity boxing) TMZ, radar online, Jose Conseco and a bunch of others have joined the conversation and it looks like it might actually happen!  I know I have a book to write and very serious business to take care of but I just love twitter. @doreenb8

** Happy Flag Day!

** I would love to know what you think of this —

** It is back to writing for me. I cannot wait to share my new book with all of you. Have you read any good books lately?

Have a positively powerful and blessed weekend!


3 Responses to “Twitter trash talking, Book Writing, Graduation , the Jersey Shore and more Fragments…”

  • I hope your surgery goes well. At least you have a lot to celebrate this month as well! I am having an ant problem, too, even have had the exterminator out twice and they are some better but not totally gone — what annoying little critters!

  • Geeez ants. I’ve heard news stories about how important ants are yet they are so freakin’ annoying. I think the only way to get rid of them is a exterminator spraying outside and finding their nest.

    I just don’t spend enough time on twitter. Sounds like a fun twitter convo.

    Have fun on vacation!!!

  • Oh my, June IS a busy month for you, isn’t it? I hope you have a happy anniversary–and a great family getaway 🙂 Best wishes with your upcoming surgery, as well.

    As for the “good girl disease”, I’m afraid I’ve suffered from it, too. As I’ve grown older, I’ve gotten bolder, but it was always a struggle. One thing guaranteed to get me growling is for someone to ‘mess with’ my children!

    Have a great weekend!

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