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Those of you that follow this blog know what a fan I am of boxing, and what a fierce advocate I am of dreamers. My friend Damon Feldman fits both.  The 9-0 professional boxer and owner of Celebrity Boxing  and Champions of Tomorrow has a huge heart and dreams God-sized dreams.

When a neck injury ended his 9-0 professional boxing career, Damon Feldman created Celebrity Boxing. What else was the sidelined champion, son of Hall of Fame boxer/trainer Marty Feldman supposed to do?

Celebrity Boxing has been around for more than a decade and has had its share of bouts with 15 minutes of fame. There was Todd Bridges vs. Vanilla Ice, Paula Jones vs. Tanya Harding, Octo-Mom vs. Michelle (Bombshell) McGee and Danny Bonaduce vs. Barry Williams. Then Damon sued Octo-Mom for stealing a ring from him and won. He also sued Michael Lohan for not showing up to a fight and won.

It was never easy but Celebrity Boxing made Damon a celebrity and earned him a cool million.

Damon Feldman                                                 Damon Feldman

Wanting to be close to his aging father and his young daughter and son, Damon moved home to Delaware County, Pa. and began promoting events here. It made a lot of sense after all Philly is the home of Rocky…

In April of 2010, the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission charged Damon with six counts of staging events without a valid promoter’s license in Pennsylvania and six counts of ‘fixing’ fights.

Damon was devastated and fell into a deep depression. The fighter never had it easy. As a child, he lived with three different families. His mother was a paraplegic and died shortly before his wedding and his father was always in the gym.

Rumor has it the state athletic Commissions executive director, Gregory Sirb was p.o.’d at Damon so he k.o.’d the license and prompted the charges. The rumor is Sirb (who actually fought in two Celebrity Boxing matches) wanted to fight Danny Bonaduce. When Feldman chose Justin Schemer to get in the ring with Bonaduce, Sirb was angry.

Not wanting to leave Pennsylvania, Damon and his father opened the Celebrity Boxing Gym in Havertown, Pennsylvania a small suburb just south of Philadelphia.

He waited, planned and dreamed.

In April, this year the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission rightfully gave Damon his license. In June, the first Champions of Tomorrow event was held at the Deck in Essington, Pa.  The second event will be at the same venue on August 15, 2013.

The last several years have humbled Damon.  He still has God sized dreams and he plans to work his butt off to achieve his dreams but as a man he’s different. He may have lost everything material wise but he realizes how blessed he is to have his father, Marty Feldman, who will be eighty-years-old this year, still in his corner rooting for him. Damon gets emotional when explaining his number one goal in life is to repay his father for all of his support over the years and to honor him by being a great father to his own children.

Champions of Tomorrow is an old school fight series. It offers an excellent opportunity to the many young, up and coming fighters in the Philadelphia area. This will give them an opportunity to perform more. It will also give boxing fans the opportunity to get to know the talent and to follow their careers.

As if finding the next world champion fighter wasn’t a big enough task, Damon is also focused on creating a reality TV series, working on matching the next celebs that will enter the ring and duke it out and producing a movie based on the life of Meldrick Taylor. Meldrick is an Olympic gold medalist and world-boxing champion in two weight classes.  The movie, titled 8 Seconds to Glory, will star Kevin Hart. Hart, an actor and comedian was born and raised in Philadelphia.

Meldrick Taylor


Kevin Hart actor

                                                                                Kevin Hart

Damon’s August 15 event along with James Gibbs Jr. and Big Cat’s Last Round, will benefit The House of Pain Gym, owner  Greg Hackett Sr. and Chester mayor, John Linder’s  initiative to get the youth of Chester to put their guns down, pick up the boxing gloves, get off the streets and into the gym.

To support this monumental task and enjoy an evening of great boxing talent order your tickets here:

 Join us Thursday August 15th at the Deck 101 taylor Avenue, Essington, Pa. 19029 as Damon Feldman, CEO of Champions of Tomorrow and Professional Boxing Champion Meldrick Taylor Present the rising stars:

Charles Hayward
Gerald Smith
Greg Jackson
Rasheed Estrada
Josue Rivera
Lavon Slade
Evinch Dixon
Anthony Stallone
Tyson Tigga Maher
Lonnie Jackson Jr
Marquis Pierce

The Main Event features:

Intercontinental Light Heavyweight Championship
Charles The Cobra Hayward

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