I need some good news in the mean time its time for Friday Fragments…

Welcome to my weekly edition of Friday Fragments…

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I would first like to thank unknown Mami for agreeing to host Friday Fragments for the summer so Mrs. 4444, could take a well deserved break. If you would like to join us, please do…


I just read her post (Unknown Mami’s) and I have to tell you I am SO upset because I had a similar experience last night in real life. I am just going to say that the double standards we all live by need to stop before we are so far gone the damage may never be undone. We ALL need to take a good look in the mirror and treat everyone the way we want to be, treated even online.

Some good news: I love the Women on the Verge site. It is a group of the most diverse women but everyone not only respects one another but we support one another as well. The site had over two-million- hits last month and guess what? My post ‘Good Girl Disease’ was the most read post of the month. I was so excited!

You can read it here:


You can visit the site here:


Our annual reunion/beach vacation was last week. My husband’s family has been going to this beach at this time every year for like their whole lives. We start planning for the following year the minute the week is up. Last year we did just that. By January, we had a house picked out, John and I requested the time off and our kids all requested the time off. 8 days before we were supposed to leave the realtor called to tell us there was a problem with the house and it was not available. Not to worry she said, I found you another and it is beautiful. The only glitch is it is 3 towns away. My husband and I were devastated. Our hearts hurt the entire week. That realtor does not get that it is a 56 -year-old tradition for my husband that he has passed on to our kids and grandkids. She doesn’t understand why we are so upset. We had our first date, our first kiss, and we got married on THAT beach, during the family beach week. We celebrate our anniversary there every year. My stepson’s ashes were scattered on that beach. The memories go on and on and the memories we missed this year will hurt us forever.

Morgan Peyton Avery Boardwalk

This picture was taken in March. We took 3 of our granddaughters to see the beach house:(

My friend Joelle’s cancer is back. Our friend Tina is on her way to North Carolina right now to fill in for Joelle’s hubby who is in Afghanistan. Please keep her and her family in your prayers and good thoughts. I am hoping to head down there myself as soon as I recover from my hopefully last jaw surgery on Wednesday.

I am really hoping my Friday Fragment friends have some good news fragments this week. I’m getting depressed with my ownL

Summer has finally arrived to the Philadelphia area. It is HOT! It finally stopped raining.

Do you have an extra billion bugs where you live this summer? We are infested with ants, mosquitoes and beetles and some others I have never seen before.

I need to write a lot of words this weekend.

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Just curious who is your favorite founding father and why?

Have a happy and blessed rest of your 4th of July weekend.


6 Responses to “I need some good news in the mean time its time for Friday Fragments…”

  • Thank you so much Rob. The A-Z was a bit chaotic for me this year but I love it!

  • Sorry to her about your friend, a very close friend of mine died a few days ago so I can understand how you are feeling.

    Anyway the reason I am here is I found a comment from you in my Spam box from back on the letter T of the A to Z. I always try to respond to comments and sort of thought AH. So I am really sorry I missed your comment I must have appeared rather rude.

    It is always a little frustrating when folk mean well but kind of don’t quite get it right, you kind of feel you cant shout at them but also feel you would like too. . . . . . . Sorry for what is a very late response indeed…. and I hope you make it back to your beach next year

  • Wow! That is a lot of disappointing and stressful news! Praying this week brings happier times!

  • You didn’t get your place in Strathmere? Are you in OC? lmk.

    I’m with you on all the bad news so far this season. Here’s hoping things start looking up ASAP!

    • Yes, you have had your share of bad news too. The witch realtor put us in Sea Isle. I am still so upset. Hoping to get down to Strathmere and OC very soon.

  • Dawn:

    I’m sorry to hear about your friend. Prayers to everyone. Congrats on your story! Have a great weekend.

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