Alabama, Beyonce,Made in America, Heard in the senior Salon, Its Friday…

Thank you for stopping by on the most depressing weekend of the year for me. I want to enjoy it but I HATE the end of summer!

Since it is Friday I’m going to participate as I try to do every Friday in #Friday Fragments…

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What are #Friday Fragments you ask…

They were the brain child of the lovely Mrs. 4444–Friday Fragments are bits and pieces of your week that are usually brief; too short for a stand-alone post, but too good to discard. Collect humorous observations, “Heard” items, and other small gems (hint: a notebook is helpful 🙂 and put them together in a Friday Fragments post. Then leave a link to your Friday Fragments post with Linky Tools and link back to my main page in your post (please). So, to recap:

DO’s for Friday Fragments:
*Collect your tidbits throughout the week; put them in a Friday Fragments post.
*Grab the button and put it in your post and/or sidebar (it links to this post)
*Refer to my blog in your post and link to my current FF post. (Typing “Friday Fragments” in a 6-point font thrown in with twenty other blogs is not a sincere effort to promote FF and therefore doesn’t count.)
*Add the url link to your post with the Linky Tool on my page (the post for that week).

Here are mine…

Like I said I am so sad it is the last week of the summer. The thought of going to Florida for biketoberfest in October makes me feel a bit better. The thought of shopping for cute Harley clothes makes me feel a lot better. I am also looking forward to visiting with my parents and sister-in-law too.

The Made in America Festival will be happening all weekend in Philadelphia. The tickets start at $168.00. There are a LOT of bands on the schedule. I have only heard of a few. Beyonce, Nine Inch Nails, Macklemore and Public Enemy will be here.

Nine Inch Nails

I will be working Saturday and Monday. Someone has to keep the old girlfriends company.

Speaking of the old girlfriends, I had my client to the salon in the assisted living facility. While I was waiting for her (3) hours to get a perm, an elderly woman sitting next to me was watching intently as I scrolled twitter. After a bit she asked, is that the twat thing? Yes mam it is I told her and went on to show her how it works. I am proud I didn’t lose it laughing. The 2 stylists lost it completely.

Michael Buble and his wife Luisana welcomed a baby boy yesterday. His name is Noah.

Danielle and Kevin Jonas found out they are having a baby girl. After all those boys, I’m sure Kevin’s Mom is thrilled!

I am so close to finishing Sophie’s story. The writing was stressing me out a bit for awhile there but I have fallen in love with it all over again. I am not sure what to title this book. Any ideas for a title for a book about a homeless lady we took in?

Back in the 80’s I was a huge Alabama Band fan. I slept on a sidewalk during a blizzard (with a couple hundred other fans) to get front row tickets. It was all really crazy because I worked for a newspaper and I had press passes for the show but what can I say, I was a fan and still am. I was thrilled to hear the guys were going to put out an album with a lot of newer country stars singing their songs. I pre ordered the CD and got it yesterday. It is amazing how hearing a song can instantly bring back a memory you had long forgotten.  I will review the album next week but for now here is Luke Bryan singing with them…

Alabama & Friends CD

Who would you have slept on a side walk to see?

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Have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend,




17 Responses to “Alabama, Beyonce,Made in America, Heard in the senior Salon, Its Friday…”

  • Oh boy, I love the twat fragment. Hilarious.

  • With you on hating September and the end of summer. I always have that sick feeling like I have to go back to school, even though I wish I were going back to school!

  • That “twat” thing is too funny! I really like Michael Buble and I am so thrilled for him and his wife. Have a wonderful weekend.

  • I am so humiliated to admit that I signed up with Twitter but really just don’t get it…..I’m probably just like that poor lady!

    I wouldn’t sleep. On a sidewalk to see anyone…..but I could always pass on concerts, too claustrophobic to be among all those people!

    • It took me a long time to figure twitter out. Basically it is a great resource for breaking news and gossip.
      I get that claustrophobic feeling now. I have no idea what I was thinking then. Good memories:)

  • I love the thought of you in cute Harley clothes rocking out — you must share pics!
    Beyonce plus Nine Inch Nails is definitely an interesting combination!
    I hope you tweeted the twat comment — LOL!
    Happy FF!

  • Love imagining you teaching the lady twitter! I think I’d like that Alabama album too.

  • I wouldn’t sleep outside for a band, either. My mom got a perm last week. I have visited her hairstylist before. I admire her greatly because she has lots of patience with my mom, and she treats all of her older clientele like family. Cheers to you for showing the lady about twitter.

  • I would NOT sleep on a sidewalk to get tickets to see anyone. But, long ago, I did go to a store IN THE DARK and became one of those parents waiting for a store to open to buy a Christmas Gift…a Cabbage Patch Doll….waited in line for about 2 hours, in the cold.

    • I was one of those Cabbage Patch parents too. Those were the days.Just took them out for the grandkids to see. They didn’t seem that interested in them. Crazy how that all goes..
      In all fairness we did have a friend with a well stocked camper while we were in that line. We had to leave the line one by one to use the bathroom and get warm other than that it was lawn chairs in the snow. I do wonder what the heck I was thinking.

  • I didn’t know you rode a Harley.
    There’s nobody I would sleep on the sidewalk to see. I’ve slept in a car before. That was uncomfortable. Music and memory are very closely connected. It’s what keeps the royalty checks coming.

    • I can ride a Harley but most of the time we just take one and I hang on to the husband. I have a terrible fear of someone turning into me and I cannot seem to shake it. I’m working on it!

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