Depressed dogs, Hell on Wheels, My First Time (did I really say that?)

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I feel like such a slacker but wow have I been busy. I have been in my writing cave finishing up with my next 2 books and working on one for someone else.

My daughter and her 3 kids have been staying with us since the last week of June and they will be moving into their new home at the end of the month. It has been chaotic and messy around here but oh my goodness am I going to miss them.

Lance and Louie, my little dogs are really going to miss, Adriana (4). She spends most of her time here cuddling them, feeding them treats and dressing them. They actually like being dressed and when she was away last weekend, Louie carried her shirt around the house or laid on their bed depressed the whole time she was gone.

Lance and Louie sleeping

My husband’s aunt Doris and uncle, Nick celebrated being married for 67 years this year. Doris passed away last Friday and the funeral was yesterday. She was such a lovely, lady and will be missed. Can you imagine 67 years? The amazing thing really is they really loved each other…

I wrote a little post for the very talented David Abrams last week and he was kind enough to post it. I would love to have you check it out (comments always help) It’s for a weekly feature called My First Time.

John and I came across the AMC show Hell on Wheels. We quickly watched the first 2 seasons and got ourselves completely addicted. Season 3 started last week and it is SO good. It’s so hard to just watch for an hour now and have to wait a whole week to see the next one. Have you done that with any shows?

Hell on Wheels Photo

Did you here there are only 123 sleeps left before Christmas? People that say stuff like that usually cause me to want to scream but Santa Claus tweeted about it the other day.  I couldn’t get mad at him.

A Christmas Card for Fragments

I hope you all have a fun weekend. I am hoping to get some writing done, visit a farm with a few of the grandkids and hopefully a short motorcycle ride.

19 Responses to “Depressed dogs, Hell on Wheels, My First Time (did I really say that?)”

  • Lori:

    That is so cute that Louie carried your grandaughter’s shirt around! Hell on Wheels looks like a riveting series. I like Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad. I watched 3 or 4 seasons in a row on DVD of Breaking Bad, and yes, now it’s really hard to wait a whole week to see what happens! I read your article on your first bad review. Ouch, that must have stung! I suppose when you put your work out there, you have to expect some people just aren’t going to like it. I don’t have very thick skin so I don’t know how I’d handle that!

  • GBDB:

    What is Hell on Wheels? Never heard of it! I finally recorded all the episodes of The Walking Dead, is that right? So far, still not sure what the hype is about! Have a grand weekend.

  • I recently found a fantastic Christmas gift project and have started to gather supplies. It’s going to be great! Now to just get my craft room cleaned up first. So much to do…..

  • Oh, I’m going to have to check out Hell on Wheels. My husband and I love to find shows we can gorge on.

  • I haven’t watched TV in nearly two years. We used to have cable, and it became nothing but commercials and I got tired of spending money each month to support advertisements. We watch our two favorite programs online for free. Don’t miss TV at all! I’m more than happy it’s no longer an addiction.

    Awwwwwwww, cute, cute doggies!!! They’re my favorite breed. They’re Yorkies, right? And I thought Bud and my marriage lasting for 45 years this year was something to crow ’bout, but my goodness…67 years!! That’s remarkable.

    Loved your frags this week. Have a super weekend.

    • Thank you Anni! 45 years is certainly remarkable! Lance and Louie are called Lacy Hair Terriers. They look just like Yorkies but are a bit larger at 14 lbs. My guys are 16 and 17 lbs… We are always in trouble for that:(

  • Pretty sure I’ll have A LOT more sleeps than that between now and Christmas ’cause I do love me some naps.

  • Congrats on two more books! You go girl!
    I love the image of the dog walking around with a dress looking for your little granddaughter!
    Sixty-seven years is amazing but the loss must be overwhelming right now. God bless!

    • Thank you Traci, being and author has been my life long dream, Its hard work but I’m grateful and enjoying every minute!
      LOL, these dogs are hilarious! I laugh because they are boys in dresses and tutu’s…

  • Woohoo, more books. That has to be so hard doing two at once. How do you keep your story lines straight?

    I understand how the pooch feels. I was gathering up a box of things that my family left behind. It made me melancholy.

    I hope you have a great ride!!

  • It sounds like your home is about to become very quiet at the end of the month…

    I’m not familiar with “Hell on Wheels”,but I will check it out! I’m always looking for something new and good to watch.

    Wow, Christmas is practically right around the corner, isn’t it?

  • I got hooked on Hell on Wheels this summer too! Now I’m also having a terrible time waiting each week for a new episode. Fun show. 🙂

    Your dogs are so cute!

    • Thank you Julie! They are cute litte buggers and its a good thing because they are so bad!
      I am fascinated that Hell on Wheels is based on a true story…and that Anson Mount:)

  • So sweet (and a little sad) about your dogs missing your granddaughter and carrying the shirt around!

    • It is heartbreaking to watch them. I usually put sweaters and coats on them in the winter (don’t tell anyone) but it looks like I’m going to have to find some fall attire or at least break down and take them for occasional walks. (We have a huge yard and they run out there constantly so exercise isn’t really an issue…

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