I need therapy wanna join me? There is a prize…

It is a new month and that means it is time for my monthly contribution to the Insecure Writers Support Group. We meet the first Wednesday of every month. The premise is if you are feeling confident and your writing is going well, share a short encouraging post. If you are feeling insecure and stuck in your writing, write a short post explaining how you are feeling. Read and comment on as many other posts as you can and you will be feeling secure and inspired before you know it or you will have paid it forward and lifted a struggling writer…

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I struggled to find time to write in July. Not meeting my goals causes such anxiety even if I had good reason for being behind. I had my third surgery to repair a broken jaw. I ridiculously thought two weeks off to recover would give me SO much time to lie around with my laptop. Drugs and pain are not good muses.

So, I am happy to leave July behind and I am looking forward to a productive August. However I am still hoping for a few good beach days before the summer is completely over.








I am hoping to have my final draft completed by the end of the month. While the thought of having it finished is exciting, I have that nagging voice telling me the criticism is coming. I  hope I can take my own advice. I wrote about it here, I hope you will check it out… (its under BLOG)


FYI- I am starting a feature on my blog called Roaring Rants. I am looking for rants on any subject, anything that you need to vent about. Reading, writing, the business side of writing, politics, religion, kids, entertainment, the weather, family, kids…anything that ticks you off. The post should be between 450-750 words. Submit here and be sure to put Roaring Rant in the subject line. doreenb8@verizon.net  I will choose (3) rants in December and the contributors will receive a writer/reader survival care package.

Does your writing slow down during the summer months? How do you manage to stick to your schedule? Do you change your schedule over the summer?

5 Responses to “I need therapy wanna join me? There is a prize…”

  • Yep, summer is one big distraction for me. I want to be outside in the garden, or up in the mountains hiking. It’s hard to settle down and write some days. I’m trying to finish up my WIP by September and I’m starting to feel the deadline looming. 🙂

    Got your url copied into my reader too!

  • Summer is the worst for me. I can’t stand the heat, the bugs, the humidity, THE HEAT, etc., etc. I usually am in a funk during the summer months and my writing takes a nose dive. When autumn shows up…it’s like I’ve come back to life.

    Sorry to hear about your surgery – when I had a hysterectomy last year, I had to take 7 weeks off of work. I thought, oh, I am going to get a TON of writing done! Yeah, not so much. LOL I DID read a lot of books and take lots of naps, though.

  • Hi Dorren,
    Of course you can’t write when you’re recovering from surgery. Pain and drugs are not helpful muses. So glad you’re feeling better. Enjoy the beach and try to relax.

  • Hi Doreen – glad I found you! I enjoy a good rant every now and again so I’ll come and join you. I had aimed at getting my WIP finished about a year ago, but that’s just the way it goes, I suppose. I hope you’re recovering well from your operations. Take it easy!

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