Harvest Moons,A Catty Bully,More Charlie Hunnam,Rock theCaribbean and more…

I was doing so well with Friday Fragments and darn if I didn’t miss one. I have a good excuse and I’m here today with a boatload of fresh fragments.

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So on with the bits and pieces of my week…

Last Friday morning I was at the University of Pennsylvania having #4 surgery to repair a jaw problem and alleviate TMJ symptoms. This one was the worst so far and I wasn’t prepared. OUCH!!

Right off the bat in the season opener of Sons of Anarchy, they added a Charlie Hunnam’s ‘butt’ scene. Oh my.

I cannot really say I was stunned over the EAGLES loss to Kansas. I wanted them to win. The hype around here was so outrageous and no matter how much people want Michael Vick to be a star he cannot perform on a national stage. It is so frustrating. #Karma

My daughter has been having some trouble with a few women over the past year. It just breaks my heart when grown-ups especially women behave badly and it hurts a child. This time it hurt my grandson and that really hurt my heart.  I wrote about it here and would love to know what you think…


So that’s how our back to school is going.

Our neighbors have disappeared. The ones who have water leaking all over our property, the ones whose kid threw our little dog and a whole list of other dramatic, ridiculous things. Anyway, they have been gone for two weeks. Another neighbor said he saw the woman wearing a mask and spraying something in the house. I’m thinking fleas, which is really ridiculous in this day and age. I’m hoping its not any creepier than that.

Have you heard of ‘Rock the Caribbean’? It is a brilliant idea and a way for us to relive a bit of our youth in an up front and personal kind of fun way. I will be posting more about it on Monday. I hope you all will check it out.

I am going to start posting Monday Morning Rants sometime in the next few weeks. This is your chance, any subject, rant away and send it to  doreenb8@verizon.net There will be prizes!

My Soap Box

My Soap Box

Is it me or is the fact that twice in the past year a nut has been able to walk onto one of our military instillations and kill innocent civilians more than scary. It is our military for crying out loud. If they cannot protect us on our own base’s how can they protect us around the world?  My heart is breaking for the men and women in uniform that fight for us everyday. They are being disarmed and left helpless. It is not their fault. It is the leadership and in my opinion it is bordering on criminal negligence.

The Harvest moon never gets old does it?

Harvest Moon

I hope you all have a blessed first weekend of fall.




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