Press, 50 Shades, Sons of Anarchy and Hell on Wheels..

All of us fragment sharing people would have no trouble with you joining in on the fun. In fact we look forward to reading your frags.

I started working an extra twelve-hour-shift at my out of the house job this week. I also worked an extra seven-hour shift because someone called out. This may explain my blurry eyes.

My daughter and her three kids stayed with us must of the summer. They left last week. I still have not picked up a few of the 4-year-olds toys from the floor. I like them there. I miss them.

It sure was a lot quieter around here all week.

It’s a good thing we didn’t get too used to the quiet because three of our grandkids are coming for the weekend.

I belong to the Press Club and last spring I was invited to sit on the board. I had my first Press Club board meeting this week. I’m excited!

I wrote around 10,000 words this week, another reason I may have blurry eyes.

Those of you that have been reading my fragments for years now, [I love saying that] know that I love the show Sons of Anarchy. This show is definitely not for the faint of heart but the writing is amazing. Charlie Hunnam who plays Jax on the show was just cast to play Christian Grey in the movie version of 50 shades of Grey. There are many fans of the book not happy with the casting of Charlie. They should watch him in action and see for themselves the amazing acting this guy, is capable of. In one scene he is about as dark as a human being can be and in the next he is rocking his infant son or tenderly comforting his injured wife. I had NO intention of going anywhere near this movie and now…

And the new season starts Tuesday!! Here is a peak at Charlie’s awesomeness…

After watching that first video and now this one, you had no idea he was Brittish did you?  I told you he is a good actor.

What do you think of Charlie being cast?

Oh and by the way it really is a no-no to ride with white sneakers in our area (Philadelphia) and certainly in Florida during bike week.

In other TV news… coming up on our other favorite show, Hell on Wheels, Charlie Daniels has written a song for the show. It will air on episode #306. And speaking of Hell on Wheels the actor Anson Mount would have made an AMAZING Batman, just saying…

Anson Mount










Heard around the senior salon this week- Elderly woman: “Do you think you can do a better job on my hair than you did on my husband’s hair last week?” stylist: “I don’t do men’s hair here in this salon.” Elderly lady: “I wonder who the sack was with then, when he said he was here for a haircut.”

I’m going to get back to working on and hopefully finishing up with The Stranger in My Recliner, an intimate look at homelessness and mental health in America before the little ones arrive. [What do you think of that title?]

Speaking of homelessness in America, did you know that 34,001 people died homeless and on the streets last year.:(

There is more..






Have a blessed weekend,


10 Responses to “Press, 50 Shades, Sons of Anarchy and Hell on Wheels..”

  • I forgot to mention that I related to your intro–Suddenly (since I turned 50), time seems to be rushing by, and I fear it will run out before I have time to do everything I want to. I’ve never felt that before. I guess it’s a part of life, but still…how do I slow it down?! 🙂

  • The title is terrific, really great.

    I honestly couldn’t pick Charlie out in the first video–so much action! 🙂

    Have fun with the kids this weekend! Thanks for linking up.

  • Wow, you are one busy lady! I like the title of your new book 🙂

    Grandchildren sure liven up the house when they come, don’t they? Mine are usually here on Friday nights, and it can get pretty wild.

    I’m not sure how I feel about Charlie being cast as Christian Grey, but I don’t know who I’d choose if not him.

  • Oh, I agree. Anson would do a great job as Batman. I watched the first episode of HOW on Netflix. He’s so easy to look at, despite the mess he’s generally in. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big fan of 50 Shades. I couldn’t finish the book. I know, I’m definitely in the minority. Great post, Doreen.

  • Lori:

    I’m an SOA fan too! Great writing and acting and I love the soundtrack. Had no idea Katie Segal sang until I watched the show.

    Homelessness makes me sad. I think the biggest reasons for it are either mental unwellness, or drug or alcohol addiction. Both of which are huge problems that need better solutions. I like your title a lot.

    Have a great weekend!

  • I often leave the gran’s toys lying around on the basement floor after they leave.

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