Where were you that day? Remembering President Kennedy and other Fragments..

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Today is one of those days that as Americans we can never forget and most of us that were alive when President Kennedy was shot will always remember exactly where we were that day.


I was only five-years-old. My grandmother was the one who picked my uncle (he was five too) and I up from kindergarten every afternoon. On that day, she was not there in the schoolyard to get us so one of her neighbors took us to her house. The neighbor also had a five-year-old son named Dennis who would eventually be my first love but not that day. The boys ran off to play boy games and Mrs. Soda turned the television on in the living room for me and she went into the kitchen to feed her baby.  I knew who the president and the first lady were I knew they had a daughter who was the same age I was and that they had a baby boy. I knew the family was important to almost everybody.   The TV announcer said the president was shot and then the TV went blank.  Dennis’s mom came out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on her apron and asked me what the man on TV said. I told her the president was shot.  I knew this was very bad news and I thought of Caroline. The phone rang. Mrs. Soda came back into the living room and told me my grandmother was home. I ran across the street to her house. I told her what happened and she turned on the radio and the TV.  My grandmother started to cry and she tried to make me go outside and play but I wouldn’t go. I just sat on the sofa quiet until my father came to pick me up.

Doe's Baby Picture

This picture was taken in 1962. I am on the left…

Onto lighter Fragments…

I met the very handsome and very talented Kyle Lowder at the Press Club luncheon last Wednesday. I cannot wait to see his performance as Joseph in the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat next month. Kyle offered to take us back stage after the show to meet the rest of the cast.

Also at the luncheon was Sharon Pinkenson. She started and is the executive director of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office.  Her job is to convince the movie business that the Philadelphia area is the place to make movies. It is a lot more complicated and important than that but that needs its own post. She shared some great stories with us and really got me thinking about how some tax breaks might be beneficial to our economy.

It is scaring me that I am already working on my New Years goals and scaring me even more that I have a lot of work to do.

Since meeting and hearing Goldie Hawn speak about mindfulness and education, I have been meditating, again every day. I forgot how much it helps. You can read more about Goldie’s talk here:


Grandkids Adriana (4) and Dominic (11) came to spend the weekend last week. Dominic quickly abandoned us for stepson Michael‘s house.  The two of them get along well and both like MMA and video games. Adriana had us laughing the entire weekend. She loves wearing my glasses, my jewelry and my clothes. She is as bad at doing her hair as I am…

Adriana Nov 2013

I am hosting and cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in years. I hope I remember how to pull it off without any mishaps.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and know that I am grateful for you!


I would love to see you here too…





9 Responses to “Where were you that day? Remembering President Kennedy and other Fragments..”

  • I wasn’t alive when President Kennedy was shot, but I have a vivid memory of seeing the footage on TV when I was five (the fifth-year anniversary). It was something I should not have seen, of course, but I lived, obviously.

    LOVE Adriana’s outfit; she’s adorable!

    Off to check out the Goldie post. Thanks for linking up.

  • Helene Cohen Bludman:

    It’s amazing that we all remember the details so well, isn’t it, especially a five year-old. Enjoyed reading this, Doreen.

    • It is amazing to me that some remember and some don’t. My husband remembers very little before his teen years. My kids remember 5 like it was yesterday. Have a great double holiday.

  • Pam:

    I was five also, but I don’t remember a thing about it. My parents never let me near a television for Years when the new was on. I used to have to sneak to watch Laugh-In. LOL

  • That is a good memory for a 5 year old. I was in 7th grade and I did know who he was but not much else. I hear that play is very good, I’ve never seen it but would like to. Really, it’s your first time cooking and hosting. We moved away from the Chicago area 25 years ago. The only relatives here was my aunt and uncle. She wouldn’t cook turkey so it was always me. They have since passed away so I’ve never had a break on cooking. Turkey is very easy. I find the hardest thing is getting everything to the table warm at the same time!

  • I was not yet born when Kennedy died and for years, I felt that way about the Challenger explosion. Now, my “where were you when?” moment is definitely 9/11. I think that would be true either way but having lived in New York then, it was even more so.
    On a lighter note that is one little cutie!

    • Oh yes the Challenger was definitely one of those tragedies. I watched that with my
      5-year-old daughter and tried convincing her it nothing. She still remembers everything about that day.
      Of course 9/11 too. That still feels like yesterday:(

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