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Once a month a group of writers gets together to give or receive support. It is called the Insecure Writers Support Group. #IWSG

If you are in need of or perhaps you have some inspiration to share please join us…








Can you believe that this time next month we will have started the A-to-Z Challenge. 

Have you signed up? Do you need more information?

 A-Z 2014 Badge





I am stressing out because I have not written one post yet.  I still do not have a theme. There is hope for the theme I do have an idea floating around in my mind.

For me writing under pressure has always worked. I want to be organized and well prepared but life just seems to always get in the way. I am working on that. I am putting together a file of ideas for blog post titles and hoping that will inspire posts. I’ve also started a weekly page count goal verses a daily word count goal. For me it is working.

During my very first A-to-Z Challenge I was doing the final edits on my first book. This year I am doing the final edits on my second book. It is going to be crazy…

In the mean time I am headed to Florida for Bike Week.  I am planning to write to posts each day while I am there. I am counting on the warm weather for inspiration.

 Daytona Biker Girl

Do you write better under the pressure of deadlines or are you more organized?



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  • Hi Doreen…thank you thank you for the warm words of encouragement. Guess who else lives in PA?! Me! Lehigh Valley! I look forward to reading blogs of other insecure writers. I am furiously working on the #AtoZchallenge posts and hope to pull that off. The theme is Catholicism through the eyes of an adult convert. So I’ll pepper in teaching and personal reflection.

    I feel better after writing that post you commented on. Thanks again for stopping by and saying hello!


  • I write well under pressure, but I think things work better when I’m ahead of the game and my mind is set on getting things done at an easy steady pace.

    I was on my way to wrapping my A to Z and then I decided to address a theme that was more pressing to me. I entered most of my starting ideas for the new topic last night and rescheduled the other posts for next year. That may be a good thing actually.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  • Hi Doreen!
    Enjoy Bike Week! Lovely photo!

    I have a theme for the challenge, all that needs to be done is to put the posts into draft…
    I always say that a looming deadline is a great motivator!
    Writer In Transit

  • I’ve been thinking about getting organized for the A-Z Challenge for month, but that hasn’t happened yet. I don’t want to be scratching around come April, but it always seems to happen.

  • I can’t write under deadline. It just distracts me too much. All I can think of is how little time I have left. I will be participating in the A to Z. It’s my 4th year and I have my theme and am currently working on my posts.

  • Deadlines! Even if they are just ones I create for myself- I need some sort of time to get things finished, or a wallow about doing other things.

  • AJ:

    So.. I’m a co-host for A-Z, and I still don’t have a theme or anything written! Isn’t that terrible? It has me saying, “Ack!” on a daily basis. I’m up to my knees in book #2 right now and I think I just don’t have the extra brain power at the moment. It will get done! It always does 🙂

    AJ @ Naturally Sweet
    An A-Z Cohost

  • Yes, deadlines definitely help, even the self-imposed ones. I’m dying to start with working with my editor for the final edits on my book, but I have to finish a novella first. Knowing I can start those edits when I’m done gives me that motivation to write every day.

  • I used to think my self-imposed deadlines were doing me a world of good. Instead, I felt the pressure building up inside me for no real reason. I finally let it go and it works much better for me know.

    Safe ride to FL. I hope the weather is wonderful for you!!

    AJ’s wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge
    co-host IWSG

  • A to Z is a killer. I did it twice then skipped last year. Then I missed it. Go figure.

    Hate deadlines btw. How can I work with someone looking over my shoulder. Virtually, that is.
    Have a great trip!
    Author of Wilder Mage at Spirit Called
    Facebook Wilder Mage

  • Good luck with everything. It’s my first year to participate in the A to Z challenge. Hope to have my posts ready before it starts. 🙂

  • Deadlines definitely help! I did have a time though where my only goal was to write something each day. Even if it was one paragraph I felt like it was a win.

    Good luck getting ready for A to Z and on those edits!

    • I feel the same way Charity, even if I write a single paragraph it is something. I am loving the weekly goal vs. daily goal.
      I feel like if I miss a day it is easy to catch up.

  • I’m entering two blogs, and am also a co-host for the AZ, and I haven’t worked on a single post for one of those blogs. The other one is shaping up, but nowhere near done. In fact, I talk about this in my IWSG post!

    My first ever challenge, I wrote a story a day, but this year I need to get my act together if I want anything done right. 🙂

  • Diane Burton:

    Deadlines help. Even self-imposed ones. Best wishes on the challenge.

  • I work better under pressure too. I’ve been that way since I was in school so I don’t think I will change now, but I’m trying to be more organized about the A-Z and get my posts done in advance. Enjoy Bike Week!

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