300 Fraggin Fantastic Fragments and Heaven is for Real…


Today we are celebrating the 300th edition of Friday Fragments.  Congratulations to the creator of Friday Fragments and our lovely host Mrs. 4444!

Friday Fragments are bits and pieces of your week that are usually brief; too short for a stand-alone post, but too good to discard. Collect humorous observations, “Heard” items, and other small gems and put them together in a Friday Fragments post. Then leave a link to your Friday Fragments post and leave a link back to Half-Past Kissin’ Time in your post.


Friday Fragmets Celebration








My weeks seem to be running into each other more lately than usual. It has been difficult to stick to one of my New Years Goals which is to be present in and feel each moment. I suppose I need more practice.

I taught my first class at our Community College. I was pretty nervous but everyone was so nice and now I am looking forward to the next class.

Jack is Back and ‘24’ did not disappoint.

I watch our local FOX morning show and have for 15-years. When the show ends at 10:00 a.m. the Wendy Williams Show comes on. I am usually working on something (writing related) by then so I would leave the show on, in case she was doing an interview I might be interested in. Two-years ago she became so politically opinionated I could barely stand to leave her show on anymore. Then she had Teresa Giudice (RHONJ) on her show and acted like the two of them were best friends. A few days after that interview she had another cast member on and Wendy just bashed Teresa. That was it for me. I shut the show off and did not turn it on again for over a year. I am not saying I was for or against either guest it’s just that I think that kind of cattiness is such a bad example for young women on how women should act.

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The other day she committed the worst kind of girl on girl crime. She went on and on about what a slut Monica Lewinsky is, saying she got everything she deserved for being stupid. She also said Clinton gets a pass because he was hot and the most powerful person in the world at the time. Believe me I am NO Monica fan but I am totally against Wendy using her stage to bully and shame any woman, ever and especially when she thinks it will help Hillary or any one she happens to be for at the time. Where was she when Hillary was being bullied?  Oh that’s right she was for Obama then so that was different. I’m just sick of mean spirited politically opinionated celebrities.

So this morning guess who was guest hosting my favorite morning show? Yeah it was Wendy Williams. Ugghhh.

My daughter Jill asked me to help her out and stay with her girls till their dad got home on Wednesday. I had so much fun with them. They have the most beautiful bush in front of their house.

Avery Paige Azalia

We are hoping to get our garden planted sometime next week.  Hopefully the danger of frost has passed. It is supposed to be in the 80’s this weekend. Of course we are also expecting rain.

John and I went to see Heaven is for Real. It was emotional for me for so many reasons but I left the theatre feeling good and also hopeful. Did you see it?

I also spoke to a medium last Friday.


Congratulations again to Mrs. 4444 and to all of you who take the time every weekend to come by here to see what I have been up to, for your prayers when I desperately needed them and for your friendship. I am looking forward to the next 300.

Happy Mother’s Day!


“If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?” —Milton Berle




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