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Writing Wednesday

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On Wednesdays I like to share information I picked up along my journey to being published, marketing my first book, editing and preparing to be published again. Information that I wish someone would have shared with me, back then…

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Writing Past Insecurities

Do your palms get sweaty when someone ask if they can read what you are working on, does the thought of submitting a query letter to an agent give you insomnia, have you been polishing a novel for three years, how about the fear of rejection does that make you nauseous? Or worse yet what if nobody wants to read your work.

Every creative soul is at one time or another, in their life plagued with insecurities. It isn’t always a bad thing. If we didn’t fear failure would our writing be any good?  It would be boring and uninspired.

Confidence and fear live together in our heads and we need to get along with both of them. Fear fuels our creativity.

It’s when those insecurities prevent us from moving forward, submitting our work or even cause us to give up writing altogether that we need to make some changes. It makes sense to be afraid to cross railroad tracks when we see a train coming- it makes no sense to be afraid to submit an article to a magazine, a book to an agent or a guest post to another blogger.

Try writing down the answers to these questions:

  •  If you could not be afraid of anything for twenty-four-hours what would you do?
  •  What specifically are you afraid of when it comes to your writing?
  •  What is the worst thing that can happen when it comes to your writing?
  •  What is the absolute best, dream quality thing that you can imagine happening regarding your writing?
  •  What would you tell another writer, a friend who was feeling insecure about their writing skills?

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Has something specific happened to damage your confidence? Your writing will never, ever be liked by everyone. If you want to be a writer there is no way around rejection. It happens and it happens often. I received 93 rejection letters for Bristol boyz Stomp, fifteen requests for partial reads, nine-requests for full reads and six offers.

A few months ago I submitted (donated) a short story for an anthology. The letter I received said my writing wasn’t quite ready for publishing. My feelings were hurt for two-minutes and I resubmitted the story to a magazine and they bought it.


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What can you do to keep your insecurities from becoming unhealthy?

Do not compare yourself to other writers, ever.

Being prepared is a great way to keep insecurities in check. Work comfortable, have everything you need when you sit down to write, pens, paper, research information and of course coffee, tea or snacks.

When you look better, you always feel better.

Friend supportive, kind people and be a supportive kind friend.

Don’t over think your writing but learn your craft. Join writers groups, attend conferences and workshops.

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