Keep Moving Forward…

Keep Moving Forward…


I will post an entry in the Keep Moving Forward Challenge every Thursday from now through March 2015. To join in on the journey, use the comment section to tell us about how you “kept moving forward” that week. Write about it on your own blog (and include the link in the comments), make a video, and/or use the hashtag #KeepMovingForwardChallenge on the social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

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I felt like I was stuck all last week and not doing much to move myself forward. Feeling so stuck that I couldn’t even figure out what to share here. I went back and took inventory of what I actually did accomplish each day last week. What I realized was I do not give myself enough credit. Too much time is wasted on keeping the inventory of what I didn’t complete instead of celebrating what was done.  My hours have increased at my out of the house job so I should be celebrating my accomplishments and allowing myself a bit of extra rest.

Why do we (women) focus more on our failures and less on our successes? We are so uncomfortable accepting praise from others and even more uncomfortable with praising ourselves. It isn’t easy but it is possible to erase that tape in our mind that continuously plays and tells us we have to do and be more.

Quote Keep Moving Forward

On the other hand I do waste some time and could definitely be more organized so I also don’t want to fall into the train of thought that says that is okay either. I need to work more on balance and more on my focus. After all focus is my word of the year.

My goals for this week are overwhelming. I need to get ready for two trips. The A-to-Z Challenge is right around the corner and I’m a ‘minion,’ a helper to one of the co-hosts. I have chosen a theme and now I want to at least title all 26 posts and outline them before I leave. During the trip I am hoping to get a few of the posts written.

How do you handle praise and/or compliments?




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