My Life in Song…

My friend Ruth asked, “Want to do a sing-a-long with me on Friday? I am going to post a play list of 4 or 5 songs that represent my life as it is right now.” My brain healthy twist is [and believe me Ruth knows a thing or two about brain health] to find the YouTube versions of each song with lyrics on the screen so readers (singers) can read along as they sing and bathe their brains with an amazing bath of feel good chemicals but you may take any approach you like.”

Of course I want to participate…

So this is my life as it is today in song…


Because there have been production delays with The Stranger In My Recliner that are out of my control and because I am having some health issues it feels like I am fighting for control. I made this my ring tone and I want to listen to the song instead of answering the phone:

Because on our first date we went to the beach, we were married on that beach, my stepson’s ashes are on that beach, we spend as much time as we can there and because this was our wedding song it is always on my playlist:

Music 3

This song is on my play list and I listen to it often because it reminds me how far I have come from being abused and bullied:

This is the song I listen to when I miss my younger brother, David (which is pretty much every day.) He was murdered in a random road rage attack when he was 26-years –old. He had a wife and a 13-month-old son. I also lost one of my best friends on my birthday last year, she was only 44. I also think of my husband’s son John who died of suicide at 17.


That’s my playlist for today! Thanks for singing along.

For some brain games check out Ruth’s Cranium Crunches:





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