Happy Hour, Hayrides and lots of words…

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Bits and pieces of my fragmented week…

Last Friday I had the opportunity to chat with girlfriend, Annmarie Kelly on her Happy Hour radio show. It was exciting to go into the studio this time instead of chatting on the phone. I come in at around 41.80 but the guest before me was interesting too. Marnie was thriving on Wall Street when diagnosed with the BRCA mutation gene. A masectomy and subsequent reconstruction led to the development of the Billow Pillow. You’ll love hearing her story of success-devastation-success. The pillow is pretty ingenious!




After listening to the show, if you have a suggestion for a Happy Hour guest or topic, Email Annmarie Kelly at Annmarie@VictoriousWoman.com and use Radio Guest in the subject line.

Here’s the link! The show was 10/16/2015- http://wche1520.libsyn.com/

After the show Annmarie and I went out for Happy Hour of course, and it was so nice to catch up.

There’s an orchard in our town that has an amazing playground, a petting zoo, farm store, garden shop and so much more. They have a festival every fall and of course hay rides. The hayrides at Linvilla Orchard are perfect for us because they aren’t scary. This was the third –year we took three of our granddaughters. Each year the lines seem to get longer but they move quickly and we had a great time. I am not looking forward to them getting too old for the happy witch’s house.

Avery Morgan Payton hayride

L/R Morgan, Peyton Elizabeth and Avery

Before our visit to the happy witch’s house I went to a Supergirl party. Supergirl is a new series on CBS, Mondays. The cast is very interesting and the first show was good. Entertainment writer, jewelry designer and all around friend and supergirl herself, Kelly hosted the girlfriend get together.


The #EAGLES game was depressing.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on my fiction piece for an anthology. The deadline is quickly approaching. It took some work to get there but my editor and I both like the way the story is coming together. I hope to have good news on that soon.

On Thursday I attended the Temple University Alumni Luncheon. I am freaked out that every time I visit, the buildings look newer but I keep getting older. The energy on campus was electric because the football team is 7-0 and will be playing Notre Dame this weekend. I like Notre Dame but I am definitely rooting for the Owls. Lunch with Press Club friend Marianne and Wolf Blitzer was pretty cool too. He is a really nice guy. The only thing I don’t like about these alumni functions are the food. Dear Lord they look lovely but eck. It was a tomato with bits of eggplant, bits of squash and covered in pieces of yucky flower and bitter vinagarette.

Temple 3 Wolf and Marianne

Marianne and Wolf Blitzer

Temple 4 Me

Me outside the Mitten Building at Temple

Temple Lunch 2

That lunch…

Bristol boyz Stomp is in its fourth printing and the new copies are on the way to Amazon and all of the other booksellers. I am SO grateful to everyone that has read and talked about this book!

It’s back to writing for me so I can enjoy a weekend of kids, costumes, candy and lots of football, oh and NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) starts on Sunday. Yes I am out of my mind. 50,000 words will be written by me during November, yikes!

What do you have planned for the weekend?




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