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On Wednesday’s I like to share information I picked up on my path to publishing, marketing and preparing to publish again. Information that I wish someone would have shared with me, back then.

Writing Spaces, Routines and Rituals

When writing my first book I used a PC. We kept that computer in one of our extra bedrooms. Back then I had a writing schedule and I didn’t have any trouble sticking with that schedule. I would get up an hour earlier each morning, make a cup of tea and I would sit down and write for an hour before going to work. I would spend another hour, writing at night. If there were no family events to attend, Saturdays were dedicated to writing.


Since then a few things have changed. I now have a dedicated office space. My office has plenty of space to spread out in and a nice view. It’s funny, I rarely use it. Why would I when I can use my laptop, notebook, IPad or phone to write anywhere.


You would think with all of these choices I would have no trouble meeting writing goals. None of us had any idea what a time sucker social media would turn out to be, did we? It definitely requires a plan and discipline.

With a second book coming out this fall, a third book to finish, a full time and a part time job and a large family, this year I need to get serious about getting back to scheduling dedicated writing time and sticking with the schedule.

It’s time to dust my office. Better yet I think restyling my space might provide some inspiration. It’s time to revive my writing playlist and stop sitting on my sofa thinking I can watch a movie and concentrate on grammar at the same time.

office red sofa

How about you? Do you have a dedicated space for writing? Do you have any writing rituals? I listen to music, drink tea or wine depending on the hour and my favorite writing snacks are chocolate (of course,) candy corn this time of year, cheese and crackers or veggies and dip. If I find myself not able to concentrate I play a couple of levels of Scrabble Blast, the only online game I play.

Candy Corn

I would love to hear any secrets or suggestions you may have to sticking with your writing or blog schedule.

Happy Writing,


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14 Responses to “Spaces, Routines and Rituals…”

  • I have a “study” that is primarily for my work, far away from the television or kitchen. I write better at my desk than on the laptop elsewhere. For one thing, I plug my laptop into a bigger screen and a keyboard when at my desk. I can see better and type quicker that way.

    I can’t eat while writing… and I can’t think to write while listening to music if it’s in the same room, though I do okay if it’s in another room (and not too loud).

    I used to be really good about writing my best stuff before eating breakfast. Not so much anymore…I’m a bit more haphazard in my writing now. Unfortunately. I used to be more prolific.

  • Schedule? Routine? No. Rituals? Plenty of those, mostly superstitious, like carrying a Buddha and a Fortune Kitty with me everywhere I go!!!!

  • Oh, what a great question! I love my writing rituals. I have to have my sirius xm on set to channel 68 which is the Spa channel and I have to have my coffee or tea depending on the hour.These rituals are an integral part of the writing process. I adore them!

  • Funny that when you asked me a few months ago to send a photo of my writing space Doreen, it got me thinking about how incredibly lucky I am to have my office / writing space, truly be my lap! I do have an office (2 actually) but I am so glad that I am no longer tied to a desk (waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many years of that condition)!!!!

    I write best early in the morning. My brain is fresh, my coffee is hot, my phone is quiet, and it feels good to start the day getting all of the clutter out of my head :)! I am trying very hard not to get distracted by candy corn this year — so far so good!

  • I am re working my space, too, to make it far more useful. I Hope. But I still have wayy too much stuff in it.

  • I do have an office dedicated to my writing/speaking events. It helps me to remain centered around the fact that writing is not my life…it is what I do. When you work from home, it’s super easy to take your tablet to bed, couch, kitchen table to do your thing. I chose not to do that. I want my home to be for family, friends, relaxing with the critters, watching movies. My office is where I get the work done. No music…too distracting. Snacks…you bet. Jerky and jaw breakers are my snack of choice but I wouldn’t turn down chocolate in any form. Awesome post…as usual. Tell us, do you use CreateSpace for your publications?

  • It’s funny I was just complaining that I never use my desk anymore since I got my laptop. I have this space although it is a living room wall that I’ve taken over. I usually write late at night and try to avoid social media altogether. I just finished my first novel and haven’t a clue where to start. I’m going to sit down this weekend and go through these posts (most of them I have pinned) to try to put an action plan together. I’ve never been more afraid in my whole life!

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