Big News, Pie, Fragments and Wine…

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It looks like fall in the Philadelphia area but all week it has felt

more like summer. Today we are expecting a record-breaking –eighty-degrees. I love it!

The cold front arrives tomorrow:(

Fall in Delco

We finally got to one of our grandson’s football games. His team was 5-0 and yesterdays game should have been their 6st win but one of the referees made a terrible call so the game ended in a tie. I am not a fan of any kind of yelling and screaming at any kid’s event but the call was so blatantly bad I wanted to scream. 6-year-old Adriana did not hold back.

Adriana sticking tongue out

I finally received the official release date for The Stranger In My Recliner. It is January 19, 2016. If you signed up to do a review back in July, the review copies will be available in 4-weeks and you should have them shortly after. The real work starts now, there is so much to do for the book launch and the holidays are practically here too!

We are 6-days into NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where 1000’s of writers attempt to write 50,000 words in 30-days. I am slightly behind but intend to catch up if not get ahead over the weekend.

I just turned my AC on. I tried not too but I failed.

A friend, Michelle Leonard aka the Hat Lady, invited several friends and me to do a pie tasting. She purchases holiday pies for her real estate clients (and there are many of them because she is fabulous) and she wanted to choose the best.

Pie tasting selfie

Her home is lovely and the table, oh my!

Pie tasting table

We started with 5-slices of pecan pie from different bakery’s and wine to cleanse our pallets. That was easy. The winning slice was so much better than the other 4-slices and I cannot wait to try her cupcakes!


Next was pumpkin. The winner there was:

I was most excited to try the apple and it was such a tough choice because there are so many varieties of apples and apple pies. For us it came down to the crust. The winner was:

I only took a few bites of each slice but honestly I’m okay with not even seeing pie or wine until Thanksgiving. Okay maybe that is too drastic, and this weekend is more realistic!

Happy November All,


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