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Shining Brightly for All to See


This time of year the weeks seem to start running into each other and I find myself constantly checking the calendar and the clock and being astonished every time. The holidays are only a few weeks away. As much as I love them they do come with their own brand of stress.

I am SO grateful my daughter and son-in-law are hosting Thanksgiving. They always do a great job and I just have to show up and play with the kids.

Speaking of the holidays have you done any shopping yet? I have 13-grandchildren so I start early and I am always looking for the best deals on what they really want. I am a little less than half done.

I spent the day with my first granddaughter today.  She is so busy with school and work and her boyfriend, I jump at the chance when she asks.

Allysons Pumpkin

Allyson Rae

This weekend we are invited to a friends’ house to celebrate Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. It is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains in India and around the world. It is dedicated to the triumph of goodness over evil and knowledge over ignorance. It also honors the goddess of wealth. There are fireworks, candles, and food. I have no idea what to expect but celebrating goodness over evil sounds good to me.


I just read that 35% of the ACA insurance providers are going out of business in January. Customers will be left with no coverage, including cancer patients in treatment, one of which is a family member. Frightening.

So far I am doing okay with NaNo (National Novel Writing Month.) The goal is to have 50,000 words written before the end of the month. I have 26,700 so far, ½ way there. I am hoping to get some extra done this week so I don’t fall behind with Thansgiving.

Have a blessed weekend,




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