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Wednesday is the day I like to share information, tips and inspiration with writers and bloggers. The kind of information that I wish someone would have shared with me back then.

How To Get Your Book or Blog On TV

I’ve written a lot about how important it is for us writers to have a marketing plan for our writing. Your plan should include advertising (paid for TV, radio, print, mailings, internet etc…), promotions (events like book release parties, book signings and products that promote you and your writing such as pens, mugs, tee shirts) and public relations. Public Relations is the part of marketing that cultivates and maintains a favorable and credible public image of you and your work.

Media appearances fall under PR. Your paid advertising will be much more effective if it is done in conjunction with a series of TV and radio appearances.

The difference between the two is advertising is about selling your book, product or blog and media appearances are about gaining credibility so people will want to buy what you are selling. To put it simply during a TV interview you should not even mention your blog, book or product. That is the job of the person doing the interview.

[The Buzz About Your Book Should Never Come From You]

How exactly do you manage to get an opportunity to do a TV interview?

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Think local. We all have to start somewhere. All of us dream of sitting in a chair next to Ellen or on that couch with Oprah and I will never be a dream crusher, because I believe it could happen! It would be a good idea to be prepared  when that call comes from Ellen.


You most likely have dozens of opportunities available in your own demographic.

Become an expert, first.  It is that simple. Writers do a lot of research and a side effect of all that research is learning. What do you write about? If you write romance novels would you call yourself an expert on romance? The possibilities are endless. Perhaps a TV host is doing a segment on the most romantic locations for a date. If she or he isn’t planning the segment you should pitch the idea. Suggest they air it during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. I’m sure you can come up with a few ideas for romantic dates! Maybe you write a book review blog. Why not pitch a segment on new releases by local and national authors. No matter what you write about if you think of ways to tie your writing in with what is current in your area, the possibilities are endless.


Watch all of your local morning shows

 Local weekend shows

Local morning, afternoon and evening news segments

Watch local cable programming, many colleges and high schools now have their own TV studios and the shows they produce are watched by parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors

local PBS and NPR stations.

Most of these will have a website with contact and pitching information.

Watch these shows carefully and familiarize yourself with the hosts and what they cover, before you pitch them. Check them out online but never pitch online. While researching keep your eyes open for the names of the producers. The producer is the one you want to pitch if possible. In most cases the producer is the one responsible for booking guests.

When writing a pitch, remember first and foremost the producers are interested in what their audience wants not what you are selling. Pitch your expertise not your book or blog. In the very short bio section of your pitch you should list your book and any other publications.

Write your pitch with the audience in mind. Explain why your segment will be relevant to them, not relevant to the host of the show. Be creative when coming up with the idea for a segment. Think about what is currently in the news, upcoming holidays, events, pets, parenting, social media, food, like I said the possibilities are endless.

When the call or email comes, before freaking out be sure to ask what color you should wear on set!

At the end of the segment the host will thank you and mention where viewers can find your book or blog and how they can find out more about you. They may even put a link to your site on theirs.

Be sure to share the appearance on social media and ask for a link to the podcast so you can share the actual segment.

Be sure to send a thank you card.

Good Luck and Happy Writing,







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