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I want to introduce you to humor writer and librarian, Roz Warren. We have been Facebook friends for quite a while and to my delight, over the summer we met in real life at a lovely tea house to celebrate the release of mutual friend, Cathy Sikorski’s  book Showering With Nana (good book)

Cynwyd tea room

About Roz


Roz is dubbed the world’s funniest librarian. She started her career as an attorney and left to take a job at her local library because “I was tired of making so damn much money.” Now that is funny! She has no regrets.

She writes for The New York Times, The Funny Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The Jewish Forward and the Huffington Post. She’s been featured on the Today Show twice!

Roz is the editor of the ground-breaking Women’s Glib humor collections, including titles such as The Best Contemporary Women’s Humor, Men Are From Detroit, Women are from Paris and When Cats Talk Back. Our Bodies, Our Shelves is her thirteenth humor book.

Interview Questions

Bala Cynwyd Library

Are you famous at your library? Does anyone ask for your autograph?

I’m not famous — yet. Most of our patrons have no idea that I’ve written a book about them! I was on the Today Show a couple of years ago, and basically went from being interviewed by Savannah Guthrie on live TV in front of 5 million people to my library shift, where I checked out books for patrons who’d just seen me on TV. It was fun watching them try to wrap their minds around that.


Thirteen humor books wow! Have you considered a serious book maybe a memoir? Perhaps a novel?

Some writers are long distance runners. Others are sprinters. I’m definitely a sprinter. My ideal day is to write an essay in the morning, send it an editor, then have it accepted and published by day’s end.  And then — a check in the mail! Lots and lots of instant gratification. I don’t have the patience it takes to write a novel. (Maybe some day I will?)


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Detroit. It was a great place to grow up. And then a great place to leave.


Where you raised in a ‘reading’ or a ‘writing’ family?

My dad was a psychoanalyst and my mom was a librarian and they were both big readers. Weekly trips to the library were a very big deal. I spent my childhood with my nose in a book.


Do you prefer writing or having written?

I love them both. I love the feeling of having written something that really works. But nothing beats the fun of actually writing.


Are you working on a fourteenth humor book?

I’m working on a new collection.  WOULD YOU ASK A LIBRARIAN FOR A LAP DANCE? Which is also the title of my most popular library-based humor piece.


Where is your favorite place to write?

The only place I write is at my desk in my office at my computer. I don’t own a lap top.


Do you have a favorite writing snack and/or drink? Coffee, tea or wine? Sweet or Salty?

I don’t snack or drink when I write. There’s no point. I’m too focused on what I’m doing to remember to eat or drink. But I almost always “jump start” a writing session with a cup of strong black coffee. I write in the morning. I wake up, enjoy coffee over a magazine or book, then head for the keyboard.


Many libraries are experiencing an epidemic of homeless people using their facilities. Is this happening in your library?

Everyone is welcome in our library. Whether you are homeless or not is none of our business, and we don’t ask. We definitely have regulars who spend most of their time under our roof and don’t seem to have anywhere else to go. But we much prefer them to those patrons who live in large homes but scream at us about having to pay fines!


My Review

Author ROZ WARREN Cover

Our Bodies, Our Shelves: A Collection Of Library Humor [Humor Outcasts Press 2015]

Four –years ago, before becoming an author I was under the impression/misconception that libraries where hanging on for their dear book laden lives. I was ridiculously mistaken.

Libraries are alive and well and combined they are the largest book buyer in the world.

Another misconception I had was in thinking that librarians were plain, boring people. Boy was I wrong.

Our Bodies Our Shelves is a compilation of essays written by humor writer and librarian Roz Warren covering her observations and experiences working in a library in the affluent suburb of Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania.

While reading Our Bodies, Our Shelves I was extremely grateful that I never lied about or squawked about paying a fine for an overdue book. If I had I could have easily been portrayed negatively yet hilariously in one of these essays.

Some of the short essays in the book left me saying, “Oh my did this really happen, some made me smile and others had me laughing hysterically.”

The book is quite educational I learned that if you borrow a GED study guide and don’t return for three –years, you can actually be arrested, if you live in Texas or several other areas. I also learned I should start to envision the tag sale and the comments from patrons to the sale after my demise and I am purging and/or adding belongings accordingly.

If you happen to know Roz and decide to visit her at the library and she acts a bit strange, be kind. She suffers from face blindness and has no idea who you are. It’s a real thing.

This book for me was an enlightening, easy and delightful read.

Do you have a library story? When is the last time you were in a library?

To order Our Bodies Our Shelves-

To learn more about Roz visit her website-

Connect with her on Facebook:


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12 Responses to “Library Humor…”

  • Anna:

    She’s a hoot. I wish my librarian was that funny. (Or maybe not. Would I recognize myself in a book?)

    Anna from Elements of Writing

  • I always look forward to Roz’s blog posts. I am always in awe of the things that go down in a library. Truly funny stuff. Awesome that you featured her. I enjoyed learning more about her. She is one of my favs for sure!

  • How appropriate that I’m sitting in the library right now reading this! I love Roz’s writing, and I love getting to know her better through this great interview. I wish she were the librarian at the desk across from me!

  • Roz and I recently connected over, the decals for chemo bags my daughter-in-law has created for cancer patients. She generously offered to pitch it to her editors, and I guess she has a few! Since she is so close we should make a lunch date, Doreen! I guess the city would be midway for us.
    I’m going to get some of her books for Christmas gifts!

  • That was a wonderful read! I’m going to look at librarians in a whole new light now. And I have no idea if I would ask one for a lap dance . . .
    I’m going to check out her books, she sounds like a very funny gal. Thank you for a fun post Doreen!
    Kimberly XO

  • I thought I couldn’t possibly be any happier after I read Doreen’s wonderful and generous review… and then I read these comments. Thanks, everyone for making my day. I’m going to go walk the dog to get my feet back on the ground!

  • Mary:

    I loved this interview with Roz! It’s my hope that one day we can all meet and chat over coffee and dessert!

  • Helene Cohen Bludman:

    Loved your interview with Roz! I adored her book and always enjoy reading her funny pieces. Looking forward to the next book, Roz!

  • Roz is one of my fav writers! She can find the funny even between the pages of a telephone book.

  • Roz IS hilarious. Nothing like finding humor in…well, unexpected…places! Heart librarians!

  • Well this was a fascinating look at Roz. I actually worked in a library when I was a teenager and was fired for reading on the job!

  • You know the famous line “I’ll have what she’s having” applies to waking up in the morning, writing a piece, submitting it and having it accepted at night. Leave it to Roz to have that happen!

    Great interview about the funnies librarian I know.

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