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It is time for the monthly meeting of the Insecure Writers Support Group. We meet once a month on the first Wednesday. No matter where you are in your writing journey chances are you occasionally have feelings of insecurity. No worry’s, link up and find all of the support you could possibly ask for. If you are in a good place perhaps you have some inspiration to share let’s face it we all feel the need for a bit of support from our friends.

I’m hosting this month along with these fabulous people. Be sure to visit them!

 Sandra Hoover, Mark Koopmans, Megan Morgan, and Melodie Campbell!

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It’s also WritingWednesday

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Wednesday is the day I share what I have learned on my journey from writing to publication and marketing. The kind of stuff I wish someone would have shared with me back then.


I like to pretend I don’t get insecure anymore, that I am long past all that silliness but really who am I kidding? I failed at NaNo and I am disappointed in myself. This is the last month of the year and I am not even close to achieving all of the goals I set for myself for 2015. The next IWSG will be in 2016!

On the other hand I did write 38,000 words and that is something, right? 2016 is a brand new year and with it comes a brand new start and for me a book release.

This blog is 5-years-old today. That was fast!

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Did you reach all of your writing and blog goals this year?

Happy Writing,


Release Date 1/26/2016

High Res Stranger In My Recliner

When Sophie walked through my front door that night I could not believe my eyes. She was a frail, filthy, and hunched over, eighty- year –old woman.

I made her a hot cup of tea and then went upstairs and prepared her a warm bubble bath. I gave her my favorite silk pajamas, clean underwear, a warm fluffy pair of socks and a thick robe.

What possibly could have happened to her, what sin or crime did she commit that left her no choice in the world but to trust complete strangers over family or friends? Imagining what in the world those possible sins and crimes were, scared me to my core.

My husband on the other hand is trusting to a frustrating fault. I admire his compassion and knew in my heart that keeping her safe and warm on that cold, wet night was the right thing to do no matter how she came to be in this situation. I could not help wondering why I had to be the one to do that particular right thing on that particular night.

I just kept saying to myself, no worries, she will only be with us until we can find a good home for her. I believed one of her relatives would show up and claim her. They would knock on our front door and tell us they had been searching for her and they could not thank us enough for taking care of her.

Sophie’s story is one of jealous, vindictive siblings, an abusive husband, and a sexual assault that resulted in a pregnancy, a kidnapping and bitter, unforgiving children. She was attacked by several younger homeless people and an Elvis impersonators girlfriend. She was left out in the cold by a deceiving judge who convinced her to care for his dying wife while he cheated on her and then by a group of lost souls that she devoted her life to serving.

As much as I felt we were getting to know Sophie and it was starting to feel like she was just another one of our ‘crazy’ relatives there was still so much that we didn’t know about her. After more than two-years how was it possible that she was still very much the stranger in our recliner?


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