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Typewriter PinkThe Storm Before the Calm


The storm is what I’m calling these last few weeks before the release of my second book, The Stranger In My Recliner. Review Copies have been mailed, media pitches have been made and scheduling is underway, press releases have been created, event requests and scheduling are still underway, party plans are in process, essays are being written, I’m writing guest posts and so much more. Once release day arrives all will be calm. Nothing actually happens on release day. I am looking forward to the one day of calm.

Trust your wings

I’m more than insecure. I’m seriously scared. You know the usual voices in our writer heads, “everyone will hate it” “you suck” and on and on. I know this is ridiculous and a waste of energy but we all feel this way, right?

I’m sad too, because this weekend is the anniversary of my dad’s death and he is not here to cheer me on.

As insecure as I am feeling I am also extremely excited. I know Sophie is so proud to finally have her story told and I feel blessed to be the one that gets to tell it.

As much as I love being curled up, cozy and warm with my laptop I really do love getting out and participating in author events and meeting new people. It’s the getting there that’s tough. What will I wear, will people show up?

I’m good at convincing people to destroy the negative tapes they play in their head’s. I need to trust my own advice.

Happy New Year Everyone, Let’s Rock It!

Champagne toast

Happy Writing,


PS-I would love if you would consider entering the Goodreads Contest and sharing it, TY xxxooo



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