Oh No Not Jealousy…

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My theme this year is Keep Moving Forward

Today’s letter is J


Feeling angry towards someone because you believe they are more successful, because you want what they have or believing a loved one may have been unfaithful is jealousy.

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Jealousy like worry is one of the most unproductive feelings you can have. It leaves you unable to move forward and will leave you stuck until you resolve the feelings. A lack of self-confidence can cause unfounded feelings of jealousy

What you can do to move forward from Jealousy:

  • You have no idea, no matter how well you know another person, what their personal struggle is. If you continue to remind yourself of this whenever you feel yourself getting jealous it will help.
  • Work on your self-confidence. Work on your appearance. If you look good you will feel good.
  • Socialize or network more. Make new friends. Do not continue to be friends with people that do not bring out the best in you.

Quotes People drain or inspire

  • Focus on you and what you want to accomplish. Create a plan and go for it.

Keep Moving Forward!

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