Who would you call at 2 a.m. if you got arrested?

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Today’s letter is F


There is nothing better than a friend, unless it’s a friend with chocolate- Linda Grayson

My friend Annmarie Kelly did just that yesterday, she showed up to the Girlfriend Gala committee meeting with chocolate. Not any old chocolate but orange chocolate from Lindt.


Its kindnesses like this, can help when I’m still hurting from the loss of a best friend. The definition of a friend is a person you know; someone you have a bond with – exclusive of sexual or family relationships. One of the goals I’m working on for 2016 is to be a better friend. I started off a bit overzealous and ended up getting stuck and needing my friends to dig me out. It is such a comforting feeling, knowing that you have someone that you could call if you were arrested at 2:00 am.


I hope I never have to make that call or get that call! These are a few things I am working on in order to be a better friend.

  • Being kind to everyone, always.
  • Listening to my friends without judging them or giving advice.
  • Always being honestly and whole heartedly happy for others accomplishments, big and small.
  • Being there to support and encourage even when I don’t agree with their goal.
  • Making time for the most important people in my life, first.

What can you add to this list?


I am thrilled to be part of the wHooligans team this year!

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3 Responses to “Who would you call at 2 a.m. if you got arrested?”

  • My personal definition of a friend is; Someone who is as pleased to see you as you are to see them, no matter how long it was since you last saw each other.

  • You are absolutely correct, being a good friend means never judging the other person . . . and have easy access to chocolate. I am always so careful, if I ever did get arrested, the judge would probably deny bail.

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    Theme: The Fun in Writing #235

  • Well, if you’re married, hopefully you’d call your spouse! But if you aren’t, you definitely need a friend or relative to count on but, yes, first you have to BE that kind of friend to them.

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