I am SO Insecure…

Yes, I am SO Insecure…

The first Wednesday of each month is the designated day for the meeting of The Insecure Writers Support Group.

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What writers among us, no matter where we are in our careers doesn’t need a group like this?

I think it’s an extra bone creative people are born with. No matter how much success we achieve when we receive one rejection; one negative comment or one bad review it can have us tumbling back down into the sub- basement of our writer souls.

Falling dark hole

What ‘thing’ is it that has some of us climbing out over and over again and has others deciding to give up completely?

If you were hoping for the answer, sorry I have no idea.

What I do know is writing full-time and expecting to make a reasonable living is SO hard. It’s hard but not impossible. It takes an open mind, creativity and lots of time to get established. We writers should be used to what we want taking time it seems we are always waiting to hear something but that doesn’t make the waiting any easier.

What I also know is if we have a support group (like this one) the waiting can be easier to bare.

We need like-minded people that are there for us and in return we need to be there for them too.

Workshop march 2015

While I’ve had tiny bouts of insecurity this month I have to admit my confidence is getting stronger. I swear the more I successfully help another writer or blogger move forward the more my own confidence soars.

Keep Writing Forward!


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