Summer Series Suggestions…

It’s that time again when all of my favorite TV shows are airing season finales. I admit I get a bit down knowing it could be months, maybe even a year before my favorite characters or reality TV personalities are back in my living room.

Thank goodness some of my other favorites are scheduled to air season premieres.

Some of these favorites are back for series finales. Am I the only one that dreads the end of a series? I’m going to do my best to shake off that dread and hopefully enjoy the decisions the talented writers came up with for the endings.

I love learning about history, all of it the good the bad and the dreadful. I also have a thing for cute cowboys and Anson Mounts character Cullen Bohannon does not disappoint. AMC’s Hell On Wheels was definitely for me. The show features Bohannon’s quest to finish America’s first cross country railroad. The last seven episodes will chronicle the final push and will have Bohannon dealing with more greed, corruption and murder. The first of the final 7-episodes airs June 11th at 9:00. You have plenty of time to binge watch the first seasons and be all caught up for the final 7.

- Hell on Wheels _ Season 5, MiniGallery - Photo Credit: Chris Large/AMC

Anson Mount as Cullen BohannonCredit: Chris Large/AMC

Following Hell on Wheels, June 11th at 10:00pm on AMC is the premiere of director Robert Redford’s the American West. The series begins at the end of the Civil War. America was becoming the land of opportunity in spite of Indians and outlaws. Think Jesse James, Billy the Kid and Wyatt Earp. The series will also include exclusive interviews with actors from classic westerns including Robert Redford, James Caan, Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, Keifer Sutherland (oh my,) Mark Harmon, Ed Harris and others.

American West 2

I am also a fan of AMC’s TURN. The stories are a bit hard to follow and characters a bit tough to keep track of but even so the show is fascinating. It chronicles the Revolutionary War spy ring. This one is a great binge watch if you give it a chance to suck you in.

I already have my snack menu planned for the season 4 premiere of RAY DONOVAN at 9:00pm on SHOWTIME.

Ray is a ‘fixer’ for LA’s rich, famous and powerful. Featuring Liev Schreiber in his first starring role as Ray Donovan and Jon Voight as his just released from prison drama fueled father. The powerful drama is frighteningly believable.

This is another good binge watch.

Ray Donovan

Following Donovan at 10:00 is the series premiere of Roadies. Ever since seeing the movie Almost Famous I’ve been hoping for a series like this.

Created by Cameron Crowe, Roadies takes us inside the business of moving a successful band’s production on a cross country tour. The series spotlights the backstage crews that keep the music playing smoothly. The show will feature music and comedy.

Imogen Poots as Kelly Ann in Roadies (Pilot).- Photo: Katie Yu/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: Roadies_101Pilot_0969

Imogen Poots as Kelly Ann in Roadies (Pilot).- Photo: Katie Yu/SHOWTIME

What will you be watching this summer?

16 Responses to “Summer Series Suggestions…”

  • I got hooked into Catastrophe. Love the way the Netflix/AmazonePrime and other streamers make bingeing so easy–and possible to stay in touch with characters you want walking, crying and arguing in your living room. you can always binge again.

  • I”m settling in on comedies on Netflix and Amazon: The Unbreakable Kimmie Schmitt, Catastrophe, and Grace and Frankie. (I think I got those titles right!?!) Also my sweet indulgence is America’s Got Talent.

  • I recently binge-watched all 6 seasons (50 episodes) of Nurse Jackie in just one week while suffering the Flu From Hell. Being sick was never so much fun!

  • I tend to use the summer to catch up on my DVR and see what old-ish new shows I’ve been missing! Like I have the whole season of Heartbeat recorded. And need to finish up Chicago Med. Looks like some great recs here, though.

  • I hate when shows end whether it’s for the season or a series ending. My favorite show has been Nashville for a long time, but they killed it off unexpectedly. The way they did it was awful. My husband is the TV watcher in our house but I do like a few of the Alaskan shows that air on the Discovery Channel and National Geographic. Those are our two go to’s.

  • I haven’t watched those but I’m with you on not liking to wait for months to see what happens next on a show! That’s why I seem to only be binge watching TV these days!

  • Helene Cohen Bludman:

    I haven’t seen any of these! There is so much great TV these days. My husband and I just started watching Bloodlne and we’re hooked.

  • Oh, now Roadies sounds like something I wouldn’t mind seeing. I simply could not get into Donovan, which I tried when it came out. Might have to try Turn.

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