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The first Wednesday of each month I participate in the Insecure Writers Support Group #IWSG

If you are a writer or blogger you are more than welcome to join us. No matter where we are in our writing careers there are times we could all uses a bit of support and there are times when we feel we have support to give to those in need.

To sign up or for more information on this fabulous group:

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This month we were asked to answer a question.

Q-What was the nicest thing anyone ever said about your writing?

A-While writing my first book Bristol boyz Stomp friends and relatives asked why I would want to put the worst time in my family’s lives out there. My answer was if I could help one person to find a reason to get up and move forward after a tragedy, it would be more than worth it and I would be grateful to have had the opportunity to help.

My cousin ordered a pre-release copy and brought it to work with her for an overnight shift. While she was busy, another employee picked the book up and started reading. When that employee went home the next morning she found her 15-year-old daughter had been sexually assaulted.

In Bristol boyz Stomp I mentioned I had been on the board of the Network of Victim Assistance [NOVA] and how they support, counsel and accompany sexual assault clients in the emergency room and through the justice system.


The book was not about sexual assault but because I mentioned it that woman knew exactly who to call that morning and she was able to save her daughter and their family from further hurt and frustration.

She said, “An angel caused her to pick up that book in the employee lounge and thumb-through to the exact spot she needed to read.” She thanked me and asked me to never stop writing. That was the nicest thing.

Never, ever did I think that would be the way the book would help someone but it was one person helped and I was grateful that the book was in the right place at the right time.


That young girl is doing well, thank God.

It still amazes me how 100’s of people can tell me wonderful things about my writing and I am so grateful for all of them but one negative comment or bad review can crush me. We writers are a sensitive bunch.

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