August is the Sunday of Summer and the Election…

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On Wednesday’s I like to share information I picked up on my path from writing to publishing, marketing and publishing again. Information that I wish someone would have shared with me, back then.


August is the Sunday of Summer and this Year it is also the Sunday of another Election Cycle

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I feel like I write this same post at this time every year. It’s the Sunday of summer and I’m having twinges of sadness because it’s coming to the end and feelings of regret because once again I have failed miserably to accomplish most of my summer writing goals. I know it’s time to put a schedule together and to stick to it but I am not ready for the Monday of Fall, not yet.

This year, come September not only will it be back to school or the reality of empty nest, the return of schedules and routine we are about to be bombarded with SO much political propaganda, conspiracy theories, doomsday scenarios and the endless annoying adds.

When I hear comments like, “These are the worst two candidates we’ve ever had run for the presidency of the United States,” I almost want to laugh. I will admit the last presidential election was boring. Not many others have fallen into the boring category. How soon we forget.

A friend wrote a play, My Mother was a Democrat/ My Father was a Republican. I went to the stage reading of the play the other night and what a reminder that times have not changed as much as we believe they have. The play is based on the author’s family and the election of 1960 between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. If you don’t remember that one research it. Talk about contention. To say those two candidates had low approval ratings is an understatement. Like this cycles candidates they were either passionately loved or hated. There was no gray area in between them.

Kennedy Nixon Campaign 1960

As an author and blogger it’s hard for me to keep from getting sucked into the cesspool of ugly mud- slinging and constant social media tit for tat.

What is the right/moral way for writers and bloggers to handle political elections? After all this is America and we are all entitled to our opinions and our right to free speech, right? Of course that’s true but I’ve seen daily posts of people saying I gave him or her a piece of my mind and then I blocked or unfriended them. People saying, if I see his name one more time I’m going to be physically ill or if I see her face again I’m going to scream.

Personally I would never, ever block someone because I disagreed with their politics. We all have an opinion and I am truly interested in everyone’s back story. People believe what they believe for a reason. There is always a personal reason. It’s probably the old school journalist in me. I always want to hear both sides. I want the truth not the political spin or talking points.

Debate I love. The bullying and hate is tough especially coming from so many women.

Personally I am fine with whoever wins. I am not worried about the world coming to an end or trains full of deported immigrants that have been ripped from their families. It’s not going to happen. The fear mongering on both sides is just that. One will lean to the right and the other to the left. Do I prefer one over the other, of course I do.

I don’t write a lot of political posts on my own blog. I think I get it out of my system by writing sponsored political posts for both sides. I may write one or two later this fall, I’m not sure yet.

However I have gotten sucked into the tit for tat on Twitter and Facebook. I’m angry with myself for that. I know I will never change someone’s vote by constantly posting negative articles and gotchas about the ‘other’ candidate. That does nothing but cause people to react defensively. It makes them angry. It’s also lazy. No real research and thought goes into those shares and re-tweets. I don’t like feeling defensive and angry. It’s against my nature.

This fall I plan to be posting a lot of pumpkin recipes, cute kids and cuddly kitten photos on social media. As far as the blog there are so many issues I want to write about and I have a new book coming soon, a book based on my Writing Wednesday posts.

How do you handle politics on your blog? How about in person?

Happy writing,






12 Responses to “August is the Sunday of Summer and the Election…”

  • I have tried not to engage in the political thing this go around as much as I normally might…. but couldn’t help noticing some of the ugliest and insulting comments ever among some of my “friends”. Which really bothered me.

  • Oh…I was leaning toward “hoping for the best” (which in my opinion is the woman/mother/only rational human being in the race) but not getting too worked up and then two very powerful women in Tanzania sat me down and told me that if the worst happens (which I am sure you know my opinion on that by now) and hate wins, I and every other intelligent, voting human in the US who kept quiet will be responsible. At first I was a bit surprised and then I thought about it. I agree that spreading good energy and positive messages is the right way to live. I know, in my heart of hearts though, that I have to do that while supporting the only candidate that radiates good — the only mother and peacekeeper and bridge builder.

    I respect you and your positions, Doreen — you know that. I also have to follow what I know is right here and not sit back and let those who don’t understand that the intent behind posting pumpkin recipes (your good, peaceful intent) win. I think that when we are silent, the fear mongers win and I personally, can’t let them do that right now. So I plan to voice my opinion and shine the spot light through a global lens.

    Great thought provoking post and a conversation we really do, as writers, need to have!

    • Its all great if the supporters of her share positive information on her and less hate about the other choice. Hate does beget hate and no matter how we feel about the other candidate we should be positive examples and spread light not darkness. I find it so hypocritical which is one of the main reasons I vote the way I do.

  • As an ex-reporter, politics is very important to me, and I find it difficult to sit on the sidelines. As a humorist, the candidates, especially Trump, are comic gold. He just puts it out there. The scary thing is, he pretty much means what rants about. As far back as I remember growing up in NYC, his ego has ruled the streets.

  • Sue:

    People can get very emotional when elections are on and I notice in Australia our recent elections showed how SM has a huge impact. The US election campaign goes for so long, I think that frustration must creep in along the way and people are quite as patient to listen to each other’s point of view. At the risk of adding to your woes about Summer – we are just about to go into Spring where I live! Have a great week

  • We will have to agree to disagree about the idea of being fine with whichever candidate wins this election. I have done my research, and my personal story has little to do with my choice — I am choosing the person I know will be best for this country, who will work hard for people of every race, religion, gender, sexual preference. May the best woman win 🙂

  • I have to say I’ve only had to unfriend one person and it was about guns and domestic violence, not politics. I will put some people way down on the acquaintance list, but I leave the door open for what comes in 2017. Running things through politifact and other sites like snopes is the best way to check out questionable articles, I believe. Most of the time they end up be somewhere in the middle rather than pants of fire. It’s pretty easy to spot the nut jobs, I think.

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