Poldark Returns On…

One of PBS’s first hit series, Poldark first ran almost 40-years ago. The timeless classic was brought back to the small screen last year thrilling old fans like my mother who loved the original series and me a new fan.

The new season starring the dreamy Aidan Turner and gorgeous Eleanor Tomlinson begins with a 2-hour special on September 25th. Fans will be thrilled to know that season 3 has been ordered and will begin filming in September.

Poldark Books 3

In season 2 the love triangle between Elizabeth, Demelza and Ross continues as Ross fights to stay out of prison and for his life while also trying to save his marriage. Demelza still struggling with the pain of losing their baby is terrified she will lose Ross too.

The original series was based on 7 of the 12 books written by Winston Graham. The first 4 books were written during the 1940’s and 1950’s. The author resumed the series in 1973 writing 8 more books.

Poldark Books

In season one the title character Ross Poldark returns home to Cornwall after fighting in the American Revolution as a British officer. He is devastated to find his father has passed away, his family mine is in ruins and his beautiful fiancé married to his cousin.

Poldark Book 4

The 8 new episodes will be based on books 3 & 4. They were adapted for television by Debbie Horsfield. If written closely by the books as season one was we can look forward to a long trial, more of that nasty George character, another young woman with a dog, social tensions, maybe a war and possibly a new addition to the family. It’s guaranteed to be a tense season and I can’t wait!

Poldark Books 2

What are you looking forward to watching this fall?



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