What is a writing coach and do you need one?

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What is a writing coach and do you need one?

A writing coach is a professional writer that you hire to guide you through either the writing, publishing or marketing of a book or to guide you through the entire project. A writing coach can also assist with blogging, essay writing, speech writing and content writing.


They can help you decide if your idea will work as a book.

Your writing coach is not an editor. He or she may help with editing but will most likely suggest or refer you to a professional literary editor. A writing coach is also not a ghostwriter. It is possible your writing coach may also work as an editor and a ghost writer.

The writing coach can be helpful if you want to write a book but have no idea where to start. He or she will help you create an outline, organize your ideas, come up with a schedule and inspire you to stick with that schedule. The coach is available to answer questions about all things writing including writing style, character development and manuscript format.


Your coach can help you craft the best query letter, synopsis and book proposal. They will be there to support you through the query process.

A coach can assist you with research, make sure your story flows, your characters are believable, that there is sufficient conflict etc…

The writing coach has knowledge of the publishing industry and how it works. He or she can help you choose the path to publishing that works best for you and your book and can guide you through the process.

Once written you book will need to be marketed. A coach can help you come up with a marketing plan.

A good writing coach is there for you when you are stuck, need inspiration or motivation and most importantly when you need an ear.


Most writing coaches will offer their services for an hour, several hours or for the entire project. They will usually work within your schedule.

Almost all writing coaches offer a free consultation. Take advantage of that consultation. You can usually tell during a half hour conversation if the person is someone you feel you can work with.

Costs range from $25-$300 an hour. More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best. Least expensive doesn’t mean the worst. It can be a matter of personality and style.

While it is yet another expense, having a writing coach can pay off big in the end. They can save you money on editing, save you time by helping you make the right choices and they can get you to your goal of being a published author so much quicker.

Have you ever used a writing coach?

Happy writing,


I love being a writing coach and seeing my writers succeed. If you are interested in a consultation with me, please send an email. {put writer services in the subject line} I would love to work with you!


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