Making Memories Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive…

They say God’s compensation to us for getting older is grandchildren and I have to agree. I am blessed to have 13 ranging in age from 22-6. For my husband and me life has become about making meaningful memories with them and all of our loved ones.


Coming up with ideas is a lot of fun for us but making those memories can be expensive. We’ve had to get creative. One of my favorite sources for coming up with fun family activity ideas is GROUPON. Not only is there always an extensive list of things to do locally there are also travel ideas, restaurant suggestions and they offer some of the best, real savings I’ve seen.


The savings are so good that once the kids go back home we don’t feel the least bit guilty treating ourselves to a massage, a show and an elegant dinner. GROUPON offers local savings for many major cities.

This week I even found coupons for services I already use, Go Daddy and Verizon Wireless.

I’ve been scouring the site lately looking for not only the holiday gifts they want but the best savings on those gifts.


The holidays are approaching and I want to spend time baking and playing with the kids not stressing out about shopping and paying the bills. The best way for me to avoid that is to get an early start.

When do you start your holiday shopping?

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10 Responses to “Making Memories Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive…”

  • I love how with Groupon you don’t know what lovely offering is coming next. That could make springing surprises on the grandkids fun!

  • We use Groupon all the time. We’ve made some great memories from experiences we’ve had using Groupon.

  • Sometimes the best memories come from the most mundane moments.

  • I always seem to wait until the very last minute. But then, I don’t have grandchildren yet. My kids are taking their time like I did. We all love going to the spa and getting a massage so that makes shopping easy.

  • I remember taking my grandchildren to the carwash as a special treat. They had been to every big event known to man but it was the small stuff they loved the most!

    Good post. Thank you.

  • Yes, just sitting on the floor with them drawing or building or often playing a made-up game is pure joy.

    Adeline(10) is into chess now and so John plays that with her. Last visit Keegan (8) and I played catch and Brennan(6)
    had me drawing my own solar system while he drew his. They are awesome. Thanks for your post, Beth

  • I am way behind you on the grandchildren. We have one new member of the sisterhood, Aviva. She is 2. I hear you about planning wonderful memories. My Grandmother was so special to me. When I was with her, I felt so special. These Groupon ideas are fantastic.

  • It’s very true. I love the kind of fun that costs nothing. And there IS so much if it!

  • 13, WOW! Groupon does offer some great activities. I don’t like to use them with small businesses but with big companies it is a way to try something new with not much expense.

  • Groupon is a great resource if you know how to use it wisely. I haven’t even thought about Christmas shopping yet Doreen – but I only have one grandbaby to buy for (and ebay has proved really good in that regard!)

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