Its All About the Readers…

The first Wednesday of each month I participate in the Insecure Writers Support Group #IWSG

If you are a writer or blogger you are more than welcome to join us. No matter where we are in our writing careers there are times we could all uses a bit of support and there are times when we feel we have support to give to those in need.

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As I do every November, I sit here shaking my head and wondering what happened to July. As much as I love summer I am learning to enjoy the Fall and trying to be mindful of the beautiful nature and flavors it offers.

It isn’t just the chilly weather that’s kept me from being a fan of the crisp season it’s also the finality of the year looming ahead and the realization that I have so much to catch up on if I want to end the year with at least a few of my goals accomplished.

The one goal I did accomplish this year, it was actually a 3-year-process was to become a full-time writer, book coach/consultant and a speaker.

Another was the release of The Stranger In My Recliner.


Unfinished is REALIZE YOUR WRITING DREAMS, Actionable Tips on Writing, Publishing and Marketing. The final draft is close and I’m hoping to have it to the editor before the end of the year. The inspiration  for this book came from my Writing Wednesday posts.

How are you doing with your 2016 goals?

NOVEMBER’S QUESTION: What is your favorite aspect of being a writer? Being a writer was a dream that started with me when I was 10-years-old. This year one of my favorite things about being a writer has actually been the luxury of having the time to write. Another fairly new favorite is being able to teach and share what I’ve learned with clients and being, so proud of them as they fall in love with their manuscripts and sign their publishing deals. I also love being a part of the writing community. Writers (and bloggers) are without a doubt the kindest most inclusive and supportive group I’ve ever been lucky enough to be part of. I have to say though, my favorite aspect of being a writer is hands down when a high school teacher calls to invite me in to meet the class that read my book as a summer reading assignment and decided to devote monthly in-service days to advocating for and providing for homeless teenagers. It is humbling and I am so grateful to them and everyone that takes the time to read what I write and then takes the extra step to let me know that my words affected them in a positive way. Readers are my absolute favorite aspect of being a writer.


Stop by and see what this month’s fabulous Co-Hosts are up to: Joylene Nowell Butler Jen Chandler  Mary Aalgaar Lisa Buie Collard  Tamara Narayan

Tyrean Martinson  Christine Rains

Here I am now sitting here shaking my head that when we post for next month’s #IWSG it will be December. Oh my! Have you started shopping? My supermarket had Christmas candy stocked yesterday, on Halloween. I need to keep reminding myself to stay in November and to be grateful for each and every day of this month. It is the month of gratitude and thanks.


Happy writing,





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