What are you looking forward to this month? My January TV Schedule…

What are you looking forward to this month? My January TV Schedule…

Am I the only one that reads the last chapter of a good book slowly because I don’t want it to end? I also hesitate to watch the season ending episodes of my favorite shows. As fast as those shows end, the new seasons of other favorites start. My theme phrases for 2017 are to Always have Something to Look Forward to and Always Expect Something Wonderful to Happen.

For January I am looking forward to presenting my first seminar for SCORE: http://www.delcochamber.org/events/SCORE-Workshop-Components-of-Marketing-Your-Business-55877/details

I am also excited about putting the finishing touches on the final draft of Realize Your Writing Dreams.

My granddaughter Avery Paige will be turning 11 on January 11th (also my father-in-law, grandfather, niece Cassidy’s and several friends birthday too,) granddaughter Julia will be taking her driving test on January 12th and turning 17 on the 24th (please send good vibes.)

Julia and Avery Paige

Friend, Pat Nogar is having a Twelve Days of Christmas party this weekend and the theme is The Nutcracker. Pat has a beautiful soul and her home is lovely. I am looking forward to the party and seeing people I haven’t seen in months. That said I have NO idea what I am going to wear. Pat is appropriately the host of, Living Well with Pat Nogar. I enjoy the show and her talent for entertaining. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj0AEVyFbGIx8dIC7n9N3YA

Her husband David has an interesting blog: http://www.theamericanflaneur.com/blog

I finally joined and am really looking forward to Fem City. Do you have a chapter in your city? New friend, Jennifer Robinson is the President of the Philadelphia chapter. http://www.femcity.com #femfessionals

As far as TV goes, what would I do without The Young and the Restless? I’ve been watching for like 35-years, these characters are like family. I love that the story lines just go on and on and the season never ends. I dislike when the writers are lazy and repeat the same story lines over and over but I am loyal.

The new Celebrity Apprentice was on last night and I am crushed that Carnie Wilson was already terminated. I love her; her talent, spunk, beauty, inspiration and oh my goodness did you hear Love Bites by Carnie will debut in March? Check these sweet treats out and look for my review… http://www.lovebitesbycarnie.com

I love the cast and the show Nashville but the last season got too soap boxy and also unbelievable. I am hoping the switch from ABC to CMT will bring us back to the shows country roots and also hoping now being on cable will allow for more spice!

The second season of Tyler Perry’s, Too Close To Home will air on January 4th. I enjoyed the first season. If you like satire you will appreciate the mix of amazing and awful acting. It’s like a dramatic comedy.

The Young Pope (HBO) Not sure yet but I may break down and get HBO again for this one. (January 15th)

The Golden Globes airs January 8th. The first negative political comment and I’m shutting it off and that goes for the Grammy’s on February 12th and every award show this year.

This Is Us will be back on January 10th, YES!

Homeland returns to Showtime on January 15th. I am really looking forward to catching up with Carrie.

Lifetime debuts the remake of Beaches on January 21st.

The Secrets of Six Wives (PBS) looks interesting. It airs on January 22.

Watch What Happens Live and Andy will be debuting the new clubhouse this week. Guests include Kenya Moore, Erika Jayne, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hardwick and Stephen Colbert.

My TV guilty pleasures will continue to be the Housewives but I may be losing interest. I’m not watching Atlanta or London this season It’s all trips and parties and the lack of at least a tiny bit of substance is starting to annoy me. I am loving the Busby family and their show, Outdaughtered. Dear Lord please keep them grounded and in love because they are an awesome couple with the most precious children. Married by Mom & Dad is interesting but the rule breakers on the show get on my nerves.

February starts out with the Superbowl on the 5th and then 24 Legacy. I was a huge 24 fan so I am hesitant but still going to watch with an open mind and hoping Jack (Kieffer) stops by for a few cameos. Billions (Showtime) returns for season 2 on the 19th I liked the first season.

What are you watching this month? What are you looking forward to in 2017?

I was recently let down and deeply disappointed by some of the people I love and trust the most and am facing some frightening uncertainties in business this month but I intend to Keep Moving Forward and remaining hopeful and positive! I wish you a Happy New Year! May your heart be full of love, your mind open to new possibilities and your attitude positive!


I am looking for musicians/bands etc… to interview for Music Monday. If you have any suggestions or contacts I would really appreciate it!

What would you do if your husband brought home an 80-year-old homeless woman?






3 Responses to “What are you looking forward to this month? My January TV Schedule…”

  • wow! what a lineup! i can’t believe how many shows there are these days with everyone joining in, even Amazon! but i guess with more people, they can have more shows…
    The young pope – i’m curious, i like jude law, but hmm…
    I like that outdaughtered title!
    wish i had more time for tv to check these out!

    and i wanted to thank you for stopping by my cradle rock release post at chemist ken’s place! happy 2017!

  • Mary:

    I love Nashville, and like you I’m hoping it gets back to the believable storylines. We have the same guilty please shows!
    : } Happy New Year, Doreen.

  • Can not bring myself to watch the Apprentice. Arnold just aggravates me. The sound of his voice. Oh well.

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