Imagine That…#MondayMotivation

Imagine That…

Imagine that we American women united so no person or organization could control us by dividing us. Imagine that we actually did something other than persist. Imagine us coming together to solve problems. Imagine we built a bridge on what we have in common and our differences washed away under that bridge. Imagine that…

Imagine that on the topic of:

Schools- We agree we want the very best educational system for our children. We agree that every child has the right to an education regardless of race, religion, sex or disabilities. Imagine that we got together in our small towns and our cities and created a plan, we could make our school boards, administrators and educators accountable for every cent

they are given as well as the curriculum chosen. Imagine parents getting together and forming a new organization, a bipartisan one that set up groups of parents to take turns attending every school-board meeting and informing other parents of the agenda and demanding accountability. Imagine an important vote was scheduled and every resident showed up to represent the children because it does take a village. Divided it will never happen because there are people pocketing money because of our division. Those people will do anything to keep it that way. Putting our differences aside and coming together for the safety, education and well being of our kids would be miraculous; Imagine that.

Abortion-No female should be forced to birth the child of a rapist who was diagnosed with aids. Can we all agree that is a form of torture? Can we agree that a woman whose unborn daughter has died in the 7th month of pregnancy should not be forced to wait for labor to start naturally? Can we all agree that aborting a completely healthy baby from a completely healthy mother after the 20th week is murder? Can we all agree that Roe v Wade isn’t going anywhere and if by some circumstance it was, that would not mean abortion is illegal. The decision would refer to the states. That can only happen is if we remain divided. We can come together and compromise to write a bill with common sense guidelines that protects all women and their health. “They” say it would be too complicated, that the pro-life and pro-choice groups won’t come together. The only groups that won’t come together are those that use us for financial, political and power gain. We could easily make it happen with courage; Imagine that…

Pay- As women we all agree that women deserve equal pay for equal work. How do we make sure that happens? It’s the law and we need to make sure the law is followed for all of us. We must pay-it-forward and teach our young women how to research salaries, how to negotiate contracts and how to support one another. We need to hold women who are responsible for hiring other women accountable to disclosing what a fair salary is and to offer those salaries. Imagine that…

Religion Or no religion- we all at least agree that we have the right to practice any religion or non-religion we choose? We are women and are smarter, more compassionate and definitely more tolerant than those that wish to divide us for political or financial gain. When my brother was murdered in a random road rage attack, the small town was divided over whether the attackers were boys being boys or vicious murderers. 16 church leaders, the politicians and business owners in that town put differences they had aside and came together to plan a life celebration for my brother, our family and the town. I was so moved and comforted by their effort. We need to stop bullying each other over religion or no religion and start respecting that even with all of our differences we are able to come together to accept that some of us pray and some don’t.

Politics- Imagine that we came together to stop letting politicians divide us so they could win. At this moment our voting block of women is completely broken. It is going to take phenomenal courage and actual action to put us back together. “They” have won. We are now acting towards each in ways that we fought against “Them” treating us for decades. “They” are laughing at the vagina masks, and our acting ‘nasty’ and shouting obscenities. We fought against “Them” acting this way for decades and now we’ve become as disgusting as the behavior we and the women before us fought against. Whose idea was that? If we stop crushing women that don’t align 100% with ALL of our beliefs and started supporting and electing women that celebrated our differences and believed in compromise; imagine that…

Immigration- What a divisive topic this is. Whoever came up with this one effectively divided us women perhaps forever. “They” have won. It’s a fact that some people are infiltrating our country with plans to hurt us. One is too many. Can we agree on that? We all agree that discriminating against religious beliefs, sexual orientation, race or nationality is wrong. If we came together we could create a plan that keeps those that intend to do us harm out and welcomes those that have an American Dream with open arms. Imagine that…


Imagine that if all of these topics that have broken us into million-pieces were courageously and with a little common sense were taken off the table because we came together and agreed that enough is enough and we ‘fixed it’ once and for all. Imagine the important things we could work on like starting our own businesses, stopping children from dying of heroin overdoses, fixing our healthcare system and making it work for everyone. We could end homelessness and come up with a mental health agenda that made sense. We could go back to supporting, tolerating and loving each other again.

We could even have fun together again. That would be music to my ears.

Imagine that…

Who wants to start?

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