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I hate being the person that says, “Wow this week went really fast,” because time really doesn’t move faster or slower, right? Whatever, this week and the short month of February seemed to go by really fast.

Anyway; during February we had a few days that actually made it into the 70’s. For Philadelphia that is just crazy. Now that it’s March, it snowed today. Not a lot, just flurries but yikes it was so cold, finally. We have had more than one Saint Patrick’s Day Blizzard in this area so I’m thinking if history repeats itself, there is snow in our future.

      On the beach in February

Whether you are Catholic or not I think lent is a great time to consider giving up a bad habit or doing something intentional for 40-days. We chose to do the 40-bags challenge here. Every day we fill a bag with trash or donations. It’s only day 3 and I feel lighter already. We actually threw a broken chair away, finally. What would you give up?


For the past 3-years I’ve mentored English students at a local high school that want a career in writing. I help them decide what career path is right for them and we discuss universities and all things writing and publishing. I spent the day today with a sophomore and a senior. The conversation started with ‘fake-news’ and I was so relieved to hear that they read/listen to/watch several outlets before forming an opinion. It was refreshing. None of them have any interest in covering politics in any way- too mean and cut throat they said. My worries for the future of journalism got a little lighter…

Speaking of students, my step-grandson graduated in January from Tyler Art School and he is designing the cover for Realize Your Writing Dreams. I am blown away by his talent and so proud of him. The illustration is exactly what I had in my head. I cannot wait to share it with you…

Tomorrow I am speaking for the American Association of University Women. I will be speaking about Women’s History Month, which is March, did you know that? The theme this year is Trailblazing Women in Labor & Business. I will be talking about the ‘regular’ women in my life that inspired me, including a few of my past Hospice clients. Do you have a hero or an idol from your childhood that wasn’t a relative? I am sooo excited and nervous as heck at the same time.

Because it got so cold again yesterday, I decided to make beef stew in the slow cooker. It warmed the house and smelled so good. It is delicious!

Slow Cooker Beef Stew

1- pound of bottom round cut in chunks                       1-tsp black pepper

3-tablespoons soy sauce                                             3-large carrots sliced

1- tsp oregano                                                               ½ an onion diced

1 -tsp basil 1-clove of garlic                                        1-tsp paprika

¼ cup of vegetable oil                                                   2-cups of beef broth

¼ cup of flour                                                               5- potatoes cut in bite size pieces

2-stalks of celery sliced                                                1- tsp thyme

1-small bag of frozen mixed veggies

Pour the oil into a large skillet and heat. Add garlic and onion. Stir for a minute and add beef cubes. Brown all sides of beef. Add celery and carrots. Simmer for 5 minutes stirring often.

In slow cooker add 1 ½ cups of the broth and the spices. Stir and heat on high. Add the contents of the skillet and stir. Once it’s bubbling lower the temperature to low. Stir and cook for 5-hours. After 5 hours put the ½ cup of  broth and flour in a jar and shake. Once flour is dissolved add to slow cooker and stir. Cook for another 2-hours.

Serve with warm biscuits.

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