I Laughed So Hard…

Women’s Health Week was May 14th to May 20th and it got me thinking about this time last year. I always schedule my annual physical with my primary physician during May. I had a list of symptoms I was definitely uncomfortable discussing with him but I knew it had to be done.


More than 65 million people have incontinence and it is three times more prevalent in women. If it’s so common why do we not talk about it with each other or more importantly why are we uncomfortable talking about it with our doctors?


My husband had the idea that we should take a road trip with the five of our thirteen- grandkids. With five-kids we call ‘the middles,’ aged nine to fourteen we left Philadelphia in a big red van and headed south on I-95.



I was prepared for, “Are we there yet,” and “Can we stop I have to go to the bathroom,” from the middles. It never happened. They would have been happy with the snacks we had and driving straight through. I wasn’t prepared to be the one that needed to stop every two hours to use the bathroom.


A few months before the trip I started needing to get up during the night to go and most recently I would go before getting into bed and as soon as I lay down I needed to get up and go again. Foolishly I stopped drinking anything after 8:00 p.m. That left me waking up at 3 a.m. parched and with a sore throat.


The middles thought teaching Mom-Mom their best hip hop moves was a great idea. It was a great idea and a lot of fun until I laughed so hard I peed my pants. Not just a little dribble that I could hide but the puddle on the floor kind. We all laughed so hysterically and it happened again.


For the rest of that vacation the kids would say, “Let’s be serious don’t make Mom-Mom laugh.”


I was embarrassed and honestly scared. What if this happened in a professional or social setting?


I knew I had to have that talk with my doctor.


His professional kindness was impressive, sadly not all male physicians take us women and our symptoms seriously.


His advice to me was:


  • Drink six to eight, eight ounce glasses of water a day. Not drinking does not stop incontinence it actually makes it worse.



  • To exercise for at least thirty minutes every day. He suggested I try yoga and to include squats because they work on our pelvic and abdominal muscles.

My first attempts at yoga


  • Get seven to eight hours a sleep every night.


  • You are a confident, successful woman, suck it up and consider #Depend. Do not jeopardize that confidence you worked so hard for.


I Googled #Depend and came across a link for a free sample. I ordered and you should too!  {Depends Silhouette Free Sample}




To bring the discussion forward #Depend has partnered with two amazing women. Suzie Haines was running a marathon and did not make it to the restroom in time. She started mapping bathrooms everywhere she went. I can relate. Depend has boosted her confidence. Suzie is a busy mom, fitness instructor and a yoga enthusiast.



Dyan is an entrepreneur and a community activist. She tried proving to herself that even though she needed frequent bathroom breaks it wouldn’t interfere with her ability to pursue her dreams. When it did interfere she decided to give Depend a try and hasn’t stopped for a minute to look back. She teaches children dance routines at her own studio and performs with a dance group featuring women forty-plus at national sporting events.


Suzie convinced me to try yoga which I was terrified to try because of incontinence. Dyan’s story inspired me to order that trial sample and to actually look forward to another dancing session with my middles.


Depend is committed to enhancing our lives and offering us dignified solutions. Silhouette Active Fit Briefs are made with a premium, cotton fabric that is breathable and so breathable and comfortable.


Many of us suffer in silence because we’re embarrassed to talk with each other or our doctors. This leads to giving up our most enjoyed activities and sadly causes us to be terrified to laugh. Be a girlfriend and start the conversation. Let’s not give up our hard earned confidence and continue to #OwnYourGreatness!


For more information about incontinence, Depend® products and for a free sample visit: http://bit.ly/2pwwpjt and follow Depend® on: Facebook.com/Depend, Youtube.com/ kc10dependchannel and Pinterest.com/dependbrand.

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*This is a sponsored post and as always all opinions my own. #AD #OwnYourGreatness









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