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Friday Favorites Flops and Food

Friday is a great day to take a few minutes to reflect on what went right during the week, what went wrong, the best thing you ate, and what you can do to make next week better. Please feel free to write a post of your own. Let me know so I can read and comment.


This week went SO fast!

I know that’s silly to say but honestly I’m struggling with my goal to stop and be mindful of minutes. Those moments I was able to able to be completely present for were:

The Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday.

We went to my daughter, Joan and son-in-law Dominic’s house. It felt so good to follow the little ones around and see the excitement, and pride on their little faces as they found those goodie filled eggs. It was heartwarming to see the older grandkids helping the younger ones. I was filled with memories of them toddling through the yard.

The actual word for what Zoya does is Milliner but to me she is an artist.

Her creations are so unique and pretty.

The Zoya Egan Collection is being featured on 4/27 at McLaughlin in Wayne, Pa. 11-3.

Isn’t this beautiful:

Our entire family is on a get healthy, get fit mission.

We’re a competitive bunch so it’s going to get interesting. John and I are taking the next step to eat healthier. No more processed foods! We’ve limited them for months but now they are gone!
We’re walking again too. No phones only the two of us walking and talking, a lot of laughing and even more huffing and puffing.

He was chased by bees, but my sweet husband was able to pick a bunch for me. They smell amazing!

The Young and the Restless

The untimely death of Kristoff St. John was not a favorite, but it was heartbreaking and heartwarming to see present and past cast members honor his memory and mourn his loss all week. The show is a guilty pleasure for me. I’ve been watching for 40 years and feel like the cast are people I know. Kristoff’s character was one that I’ve loved, was disappointed by and loved again over the years. My thoughts are with his family, friends and castmates. I wish Shemar Moore and Victoria Rowell could have returned to the show under happier circumstances.
Mondays episode will feature a final tribute☹


The Phillies have pretty much flopped all week.

John ordered tickets through a newer app and it was a NIGHTMARE! Before buying from Bold Tickets, I’d give them some time to address their bad reviews and distribution issues. Hopefully we get into the game and it isn’t a flop!

Poor Uncle Joe.

Joe Biden has always seemed to me to be more of a man and less of a politician. Funny gaffs, and all he was always likable. Sadly, his entrance into the race for President 2020 was a huge flop.

I’m sorry AOC

You are adorable and all, but you couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to the VA. My husband is a disabled veteran and if I didn’t fight for his right to be seen outside the VA, we would be facing a much worse prognosis than we are facing now. If it wasn’t for the neglect of the VA we wouldn’t be facing a serious health issue at all. If you don’t want this gig to be over before you accomplish anything perhaps you should rethink your PR people or listen to the ones you have. I’m a grandmother so I’m allowed to give advice!


Of course, the best thing I ate this week was Easter Sunday dinner. My daughter Joan made a delicious spiral ham. Daughter Jillian made her specialty, mac and cheese. Megan brought the pies and an Easter Egg Cake. I made my famous (in my mind) Mashed potatoes.

1/2 5lb bag of red potatoes
½ 5lb bag of Idaho potatoes
Clove of fresh garlic
8 oz. heavy cream
2 sticks of salted butter
8 oz. sour cream

Peel the Idaho potatoes. Leave the skin on the red. Boil until soft but not mushy. Drain well. Place in large bowl and smash well.
Crush garlic clove and add to potatoes. Add sticks of butter, salt, pepper and smash some more.
Add cream and mix on medium speed until fluffy.
Take a walk to work off the calories!


Have a blessed weekend!

5 Responses to “Friday Flops, Favorites, and Food The Young and the Restless…”

  • What a fun post! I’ve always thought of milliners as some of the most artistic and creative people! My great aunt was a milliner and she designed hats for customers and I always thought that sounded so glamorous! Your Easter dinner looks like it was fabulous! I watched Young and the Restless I think when It was first beginning, but haven’t watched in several years now, so I did not know the character, but I am so sorry he passed. I really enjoyed reading your blog!

  • Great tips. Speaking is not something I won’t do. I always freeze up. I wish I was braver about it. Happy IWSG Day

  • So amazing how much happens in a week–good and bad! Enjoyed hearing about your week 🙂

  • Love the recap of the week. I am trying to do the same and be more mindful of the precious moments in life. I feel like we get so busy that our minds are already on to the next thing!

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