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Writing Wednesday


Wednesday is the day I share what I’ve learned on my journey from writing, publication, marketing; and doing it all again, and again. The kind of information I wish someone shared with me when I started.

Let’s Talk about Public Speaking, Part 1 of 3

Does that statement take your breath away and leave you wanting to run back into your quiet, safe writing cave? I’m sorry but once the writing is finished, if you want someone to read the book you’re going to have to talk about it. My suggestion is to work on conquering your fear of public speaking as you write your book. Start slow.


I’ll never forget the panic I felt at being asked to visit a local book club to speak about my first book.

I’m not kidding, I was terrified. What would I say? What would I wear? What if I sounded unprofessional? I kept telling myself the group was kind enough to purchase and read my book, the least I could do was thank them in person. When preparing my opening, I included how grateful I was to them for reading, talking about and sharing my first book. After preparing a few opening paragraphs on the writing of and the topics covered in the book, I decided the bulk of our time would be used for questions and answers and discussion. I wrote a two- paragraph close and I practiced that opening and close for 4 weeks. My grandkids and my husband were supportive listeners and even offered some good tips.

Dress comfortably, but professionally.

Think about what you’re going to wear. Try it on and make sure there are no tags making you itchy, it’s not too tight or too lose and its weather appropriate. Being comfortable in your clothes will go a long way in making you comfortable in your skin and in front of a crowd.

Study videos of writers discussing their books.

You Tube is an endless source of material. As you watch take notes. Watch the way they move their hands. Who are they looking at as they speak? What are they wearing? Most importantly what are they saying. What do you like and dislike? What would you say or do differently?

After you’ve watched a few videos of authors speaking about their books, write an elevator pitch for your book.
When someone ask you, “What’s your book about,” you need to be able to state in 3 or 4 sentences the beginning the middle, the end and then a hook. Honestly I’d rather write the whole book. Once you’ve narrowed down this pitch, practice it until it sounds like natural conversation and you feel comfortable.

Perfecting your elevator pitch can help you get the attention of a literary agent.

Once you’ve practiced and are comfortable you’ll stand out when pitching your book at writing conferences.
If you’ve come up with a good hook, the person hearing your pitch will hopefully have questions.
Try to anticipate what those questions might be and practice your responses.

When I left that first book group I felt so empowered.

I won’t say I couldn’t wait to do it again any time too soon, but I knew I would survive if I had to.
Being prepared is the best way to cure your fear of public speaking.

There are so many steps to becoming a successful author.

You’ve spent months, maybe even years getting the words down. Getting yourself comfortable with speaking in public is a big step towards realizing your writing dreams.

Do you have any tips or suggestions? When was the last time you spoke in public? How’d it go?
Happy writing,

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4 Responses to “Writing Wednesday; Let’s Talk About Public Speaking…”

  • I love public speaking, my heart flip flops, but once I stand up – I am fine. I haven’t done anything like it though in a long time. I have changed quite a bit the last two years. I do have a book in me, which is part of the problem, it is in me and not on paper. I can see it, it is a collection of essays. It is a journey of not being afraid to enter the darkness of grief. I can’t seem to focus, surgery is only 23 days away. But I am hoping that the lengthy recovery period will open a window for me to write without guilt. Guilt that I should be doing other things. I admire you so Doreen, you maintain such a beautiful and calm on-line presence and you aren’t afraid to share your opinions and insights, but do so with courage and grace. I love how you welcome dialogue. Wishing you and your house a peace filled Easter season. With love and admiration, Terri

  • I just spoke in front of my daughter’s class for career day! I must say it made my heart flutter a bit but then got in the groove. You give excellent advice.

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