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Money, Money, Money…

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My theme for this years’ A-Z Challenge is An Intimate Look at the Homeless and Mental Health Epidemic in America which just happens to be the subtitle of my next book, The Stranger in My Recliner. The book is the true story of Sophie.  She was the eighty-year-old homeless woman that my husband brought home one night. She lived with us for nearly three –years. The book will be out this fall.


Money, Money, Money

How much does homelessness cost taxpayers and how much will it cost to eradicate the homeless problem?

If you have been following my A-Z Challenge posts you know that I get so frustrated when people choose to complicate the answer to the problem of homelessness.

Homeless people need homes, period. Once they have a home they are not homeless and the problem is solved, period.

A lot of government officials, churches and charity’s still believe that raising and spending millions of tax payer and private dollars on shelters, referral agencies and programs makes perfect sense. It makes no sense at all. I think the truth is those people believe it is easier to control homeless people when they are all living under one roof. It reminds me of the way minorities were housed not that many shameful years ago. Let’s keep them all in one area so we can keep an eye on them.

progect housing

The fact is a homeless person living on the street can cost up to $80,000 a year. The costs comes from emergency room visits, hospital stays, jail stays, first responders, addiction treatment, mental health treatment and state or county assistance.

To house a homeless person in a shelter for a year the cost averages around $42,000 a year. Because they have a roof over their head and are eating more regularly they do not get as sick. Shelters are expensive to run so a lot of the cost is administrative but don’t get me started on that foolishness.

To place a homeless person in an apartment would cost $9,600 a year. To provide them with a social worker is $2000 a year (social worker makes $40,000 a year and has 20 clients.) Add $1000 a month for expenses and we are up to $23,600 a year.

Kudos to, Beyonce for realizing that homes are the answer and donating 7 million dollars over many years in the Houston area as part of that city’s 100,000 homes campaign. Her and her husband Jay Z are brilliant business people. They were not going to throw their money at the problem and hope it helped. They solved the problem.

Beyonce’s-Temenos Place Apartments has space available for 43 individuals, and houses men and women who otherwise would likely be homeless. The facility supports its residents by providing meals, job readiness training, HIV/AIDS screenings and case management services, with an overall goal for residents to reach full self-sufficiency.

Beyonces homeless apartments

Houston has seen significant progress in its fight against homelessness. A 2014 Houston Homeless Count showed that on a given night about 5,351 people in the city were living without stable shelter — a 37 percent drop from 2011.

There are so many misconceptions about the homeless. The most ridiculous to me are they choose to live on the streets and they deserve to be there.  Being homeless is terrifying and dehumanizing. The one thing a homeless person might have left is pride and that pride makes it difficult for them to ask for help.

To learn more about Beyonce’s, project or to donate:

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Alabama, Beyonce,Made in America, Heard in the senior Salon, Its Friday…

Thank you for stopping by on the most depressing weekend of the year for me. I want to enjoy it but I HATE the end of summer!

Since it is Friday I’m going to participate as I try to do every Friday in #Friday Fragments…

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What are #Friday Fragments you ask…

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the Grammys, Beyonce, a Blizzard and a Beach it must be Friday Fragment Time…

Its Fraggle Rock no, no, it’s Friday Fragment time.

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So the weather hype is finally here, in Philadelphia. It will be pretty much a blizzard for everyone in the northeast..but us. We are just inches south of that invisible snow/rain line. We may get 3-6 inches, which is a start. I was asked to work tomorrow because we have a hospice patient who lives up the street from me and it should be fairly easy for me to get to her, you know in case the forecasters are wrong and we do get the blizzard here.

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