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Superbowl Weekend, A little Peyton, A horse and a dog or is it about the girl, and a Punk book…



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I am one of ‘those’ crazy sports fans. It happened to me several decades ago when I was a single mom and didn’t want my kids to miss having a man in the house. A friend told me if my kids were involved in sports they would be less likely to get into trouble. I was all for that so I studied and learned the games. All games except for the game of football. Then I met and married John and he helped me understand football, the rules the numbers and the players. So yes, I am a football fan and I am looking forward to the Superbowl. I’m looking forward to the game, the commercials and the food. What are you making?

We are Peyton Manning fans. In fact my daughter and her husband named their third daughter, Peyton. That said, we are not necessarily Bronco’s or Seahawks fans, we are in Philadelphia after all. So I am just hoping for a great, fun game.

Our little Peyton Elizabeth…

Peyton Elizabeth going to the witches house

The other Peyton:


 Have you seen any of the sneak commercial peeks? I think it’s going to be a good add year. Companies are paying four-million-dollars for thirty-second spots, this year. I suspect that is the reason for the leaks. The companies want to get as much bang for those bucks as they can. I think this is everyone’s favorite so far…

Did you watch the Grammys? I am either getting eeks, old or I don’t know. I have to take a deep breath and remember it is about getting people to talk.   Speaking of the Grammy’s, my author friend Dina Santorelli has a new book out. I loved her first novel Baby Grand so I am looking forward to reading this one:

Dina's cover Daft Punk

I don’t want to say it out loud but forecasters, behind the scenes are watching a massive ‘snow’ event for the second week of February, in the northeast. Yikes they ‘mentioned’ thirty-to-thirty-six-inches, the likes of the storm in 1996. All I can say is NONONONONONO!!! Then again, if I can get to Costco first it might be nice to be snowed in for a few days.

If it happens I hope it happens after February 5. That is the day I am going to New York with two of my daughter’s and yikes, eighteen-year-old granddaughter. It has been TOO LONG since we have had a grown up girls day.

I have the best memories of my brother, David and that 1996 storm. My roof was about to give way so he climbed up onto the roof and shoveled the snow off. He also walked to a local pizza shop, whose owner walked to open, and they made and delivered pizza’s, for the neighborhood. I still miss him so much, I always will.

OMGoodness it is almost Valentine’s Day!

 Will you be watching the Winter Olympics? What is your favorite Olympic Sport? Are you worried about security at the Olympics this year?

Have a great weekend!!


*Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.


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the Grammys, Beyonce, a Blizzard and a Beach it must be Friday Fragment Time…

Its Fraggle Rock no, no, it’s Friday Fragment time.

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So the weather hype is finally here, in Philadelphia. It will be pretty much a blizzard for everyone in the northeast..but us. We are just inches south of that invisible snow/rain line. We may get 3-6 inches, which is a start. I was asked to work tomorrow because we have a hospice patient who lives up the street from me and it should be fairly easy for me to get to her, you know in case the forecasters are wrong and we do get the blizzard here.

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