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My First Scary Story,The Dolls…


I wrote this story last year as a guest post, part of a challenge to write something out of my comfort zone.


The Dolls

Jillian, my youngest daughter was supposed to be napping. She was 4-years old and not much of a talker, so I was relieved to hear her having a, “real conversation.”

At first I thought she was talking to her dolls or her stuffed animals, but when I asked her who she was talking to, she replied, “My friend Mary.” I asked her what Mary had to say and her response was, “She said she used to sleep in my room and she left all of her toys in my closet. She said I could have them.”



I waited until Jillian was out of the room and ran to look inside the closet. I didn’t see any toys in there.

Later on, during the process of redoing my daughter’s room, the painter called me upstairs to tell me he found a false wall in the closet and wanted to know if I wanted him to remove the wall. What we found was a toy box full of toys from the late 1800’s. We did research and found that Mary was born in and then died in that house in 1980, the year Jillian was born. The house remained empty until we moved there in 1983.

A few years later, I had great tickets to see Kenny Rogers in Philadelphia. I completely lost my mind and spent ninety-dollars on a pair of jeans. That was a lot of money in 1985. Those jeans did wonders for my post “three babies” body. When I woke from a nap, I took the jeans, my blouse and a cashmere sweater and hung them on the back of my closet door and I went to take a shower.

Kenny Rogers This Woman 1984

Kenny Rogers

Afterwards, I dried off and reached for my clothes, but the jeans were gone. I frantically searched every inch of the house but couldn’t find them. No one could have moved them. I was alone and my sister took the kids to stay with her earlier that day.

Three years later, I was going to another concert. I was running late from work and had no idea what I would wear. I opened my closet and hanging on the back of the door was my missing jeans, tags still attached.

Many years later, I injured my knee and had to have surgery. I was on bed rest and so bored, so my daughter hooked her Nintendo game up to my TV and taught me how to play. I woke up so early the next morning that it was still dark outside. At the end of my bed, in front of the TV, I saw smoke. I thought maybe I was dreaming so I sat up in bed. I was frantically rubbing my eyes and the smoke turned into an elderly woman. Still thinking I was foggy from sleeping, I just grabbed the remote from my end table, and switched from the Nintendo game back to TV and found an old movie to put on. I buried my face in the pillow and went back to sleep.

Ghost mist

When my kids were older, I became a foster mom. One night, the three month old baby we were caring for was sound asleep in Jillian’s old crib in her old room, when her biological mother came for a visit. She was late, but I told her she could go up and have a peak. The next thing we knew the woman flew down the steps. I swear her feet did not hit one step on the way down. “Who is that old woman in the room with the baby,” she screamed. My kids and I looked at each other and then looked at her.

After my kids grew up, got married, and left home, I remarried and moved in with my new husband. Our granddaughter, Adriana was visiting, so I set her up on the floor of my office with crayons, colored paper, coloring books and a bowl of M&M’s, so I could write.

Adriana at Cinderella


She asked, “Can we close this closet door?”

“Why do you want the door shut,” I asked her.

“I’m tired of listening to the people talking in there.”

Right before I shut the closet door I looked in and to the right. Yep, there they were, standing tall and proud on the shelf at the back of the closet, eight porcelain dolls, two of them, Mary’s.


This is a true story. I am working on part 2…




Doreen McGettigan is the author of Bristol Boyz Stomp, the true story of the random road rage murder of her brother, musician David Albert. Her next book, The Stranger in My Recliner, also a nonfiction story of the homeless woman her husband brought home one night. Sophie stayed with them for nearly three years. That book will be out in 2015.

Doreen and John live in Delaware County, Pa. (Philadelphia) Together they have 5 grown children (2 more in Heaven) and 13 grandchildren. Their lives are not boring.



Scary dolls, High School and the Judge…


Friday Fragments are bits and pieces of your week that are usually brief; too short for a stand-alone post, but too good to discard. Collect humorous observations, “Heard” items, other small gems and put them together in a Friday Fragments post. Then leave a link to your Friday Fragments post and link back to our host Mrs. 4444 at Half-Past Kissin’ Time.

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It’s not too late to join in on the fun and we would love to have you!

I am SO behind in my blogging and in my life! The editing of The Stranger in My Recliner however, is nearly done. I missed posting Friday Fragments last week and this week I missed posting Writing Wednesday. I am going to work harder to stay caught up.

* Last Sunday after several days of marathon editing, I thought I better do a back-up, save to drop box and send myself an e-mail. As I clicked on my document to save it, I noticed the size changed. To make a very long story short- a Verizon and a Microsoft update were done at the same moment I hit save. My file, my book was corrupted. It disappeared and I could not find it anywhere. All ended well several hours, only $30 and a visit with the geek squad later, my book was back. My hair is grayer!

* Our Eagles really beat up on the New York Giants on Sunday night. I felt a teeny-tiny bit bad for my son-in-law and my grandson. They are big time Giants fans. Just a teeny bit!

Friday Fragments 10 16 14 EAGLES photo

* This Saturday night I will be speaking at the kick-off of a new foundation called No More Helpless Daughters. The foundation was started by friend, Ujwala Dixit to give more attention to preventing domestic violence and abuse.

* I was invited to appear as a guest on a TV show that is created and produced by the high school students at Wissahickon High School. The kids were all no-nonsense, so professional and I had so much fun. The show airs on local cable channels. I am going to post the link when it’s available.

* After the TV show we went to see the movie, The Judge at our favorite movie theatre with large, comfy leather recliners. The movie starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Robert Duvall was very, very good. I predict Oscars.

Friday Fragments The Judge

* The VA messed up my husband’s meds for the 3rd time. I called the pharmacist when the pills arrived because I thought the color was darker. He swore to me they were the correct pills. That night he got sick. I took him to a different VA hospital emergency room. I just couldn’t go to the one in Philadelphia. His blood pressure was extremely high. They quickly got us the right medication and sent us home. I don’t know what to do. I wrote to our state reps and they never answered. Attorneys won’t get involved because there is no value, which means he didn’t die. So frustrating and scary!

* One of my favorite Facebook groups is having a conference in NASHVILLE!! I am excited. I will share more about that later.

* A woman that I work closely with took leave a few months ago because her brother was critically ill and she needed to go to Africa to care for him. She is back and all we know is they are not letting her come back to work…. yet. I am guessing 21 days. I hope they make it 30 days, to make sure. I really like this woman a lot and I am praying for her. This #Ebola virus is so scary and excuse me if I sound dumb but why are we allowing the people who are infected to travel all over the states. Shouldn’t the infected be quarantined in ONE place, like near the CDC?

* My doctor has been out of the flu vaccine for 2 weeks.

* Does it seem to you that Halloween is getting scarier and scarier every year? It seems to me the trend is to make it all about an adult party holiday and less of a fun night for children. I am so not okay with people decorating with severed heads and hazmat suits. It seems like such poor taste. And then there are the dolls, yikes!

Friday Fragments 10 16 14 Scary Doll

Have a blessed weekend,


Eagles, Sons and a CVS Fall Fail


Friday Fragments are bits and pieces of your week that are usually brief; too short for a stand-alone post, but too good to discard. Collect humorous observations, “Heard” items, other small gems and put them together in a Friday Fragments post. Then leave a link to your Friday Fragments post and link back to our host Mrs. 4444 at Half-Past Kissin’ Time.

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It’s not too late to join in on the fun and we would love to have you!


I walked into CVS yesterday and they were setting up the Halloween aisle. Right there on the end of that aisle was candy corn! Besides being sentimental for me the darn things are so addicting! It was the only thing that helped me with nine-months of morning sickness with my oldest daughter (a really long time ago) and also got me through wicked cigarette withdrawals. So of course I grabbed a bag. Driving home I thought to myself, fall isn’t going to be so bad after all.

Candy Corn

Did you know that 24 pieces of candy corn is considered a serving? That serving is 160 calories, 85 mg of sodium (Holy Salt) and 32 grams of sugar (Yikes!) None of that mattered as I ripped open the bag and poured it into a bowl and put it on my desk with every intention of eating it all. I grabbed a handful and nearly re-broke the broken jaw I just had surgery on a few weeks ago. It was hard and nasty. I am SO mad!! Big fail CVS. Now I want summer back!


One of my bosses from my out of the house job also a very dear friend, Susan passed away last weekend. She was 51. We said goodbye to her on Wednesday. This is the 4th close friend or relative I have lost to cancer since January. What is going on? #ihatecancer

My husband’s boss planned last weekend’s company picnic months ago. He had no idea the date he chose would be the first game and the home opener for the EAGLES. Everybody sucked it up and showed up at the pavilion and there was a huge T.V. set up. The first half ended with the EAGLES losing 17-0. It was a beautiful day and the food was so good the game had to turn around and it did. They ended up winning 34-17! Suddenly the company picnic turned into a real party!

Just when we thought we rid our city and our football team of all bad karma (you know that Vick guy) another one of our favorite players brings national shame attention to our city and our team.

Philly skyline


Our star running back LeSean McCoy, nicknamed Shady is a fan favorite. Last week he and a few friends went to a popular Philly restaurant PHT. The server admittedly a bit nervous because he was a HUGE fan forgot the appetizer. McCoy and his party left a twenty-cent tip. The owner of the restaurant posted the receipt on Facebook and we have a scandal. Charlie Sheen jumped on Twitter and offered the server $1000 to which McCoy said, I’m glad you are finally doing something good with your life. Somebody today said, at least he didn’t knock his girlfriend out in an elevator. No he didn’t but I remember what he did doand believe me it wasn’t nice. You see this is not the first time this fan fave’s shady character has been questioned. Meet the real LeSean McCoy

Eagles Shady McCoy 2

“A 20-cent tip is kind of a statement. You can’t disrespect somebody and expect them to tip you. I don’t care who the person is. That’s why I left my card so they could see my name.” LeSean McCoy

We have been waiting SO long for the new and final season of Sons of Anarchy. The first episode was two and a half hours long and so much happened I was getting dizzy. It was also very gory. I had to turn away at one point. I am hooked though and really want to see where the writer takes this and it all ends. I hope there is some redemption there.

Sons of Anarchy jax gemma wendy

I didn’t think I had many Fragments!

Have a blessed weekend,


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Team Bethenny, Healthcare, a chapel and Hotdogs…


Welcome to November, everyone and how nice it arrived on a Friday! Personally, I still want July back. That does not help with my goal of living in the moment. I need to work on that.

On most Fridays, I am visiting, reading and commenting on the blogs of some of the best virtual friends a blogger could ever have. The little group is called Friday Fragments and it was started by the oh so lovely Mrs. 4444.

You can find out all about it here and you are most welcome to join us. We would love to have you.

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